Thruxton 1200 R Price

Same as several other situations nowadays, a person can always start up a new project (whatever the field could be) , on a somehow relaxed way, or directly aiming for the top. We’re always depending on our capacity and resources for this project to have a more restrained or bulky start, luckily, in Tamarit Motorcycles we always adapt to our clients with both of the intentions planned. Then it’s up to our clients to choose which path the project will take.

“For us, there’s no bigger and better start for a project than having the crown jewel of Triumph Modern Classics as a donor bike”

If you are reading this blog entry, you sure have a clue about which kind of project we are talking about, the motorcycle make over, a Triumph preferably, since all our designs are oriented to be installed on this bikes.

Getting back to the “Great Start” issue, our clients can definitely make it when they put their hands as well on deck along the Tamarit Team, from our position we think that there’s no bigger and better start for a project than having the crown jewel of Triumph Modern Classics as a donor bike : The sport version of the 1200 Capacity Thruxton model.

Triumph Thruxton R price and projects

Triumph Thruxton R price is aorund 13.000 and 14.000 euros. To that amount you must add the cost for the makeover and you’ll get the bike of your dreams for some figure closer to the 20.000€. The client can also look on the second hand market, but this one is almost empty and very expensive techcnically speaking, since the the Triumph Thruxton 1200 R has been released to the main public not a long time ago, and Triumph Motorcycles are always considered a cornerstone about making reliable and well-built pieces of machinery. That’s why the value of thiese kind of motorcyles decreases on a extremely slow pace.

A Triumph Thruxton R modified by Tamarit Motorcycles delivers everything that the client could desire on a custom classic motorcycle, the motorcycle that can cope even the most high expectations and challenges. The Triumph Thruxton R turned out to be a very easy and rewarding bike to modify thanks to our plug and play custom parts and accesories. All the projects based on a Triumph Thruxton R delivered up to date by Tamarit Motorcycles have reached the biggest marks in terms of styling and performance thanks to the own motorcycle building.

“A blend between sportive and elegance hard to find nowadays.”

Triumph Thruxton R custom

The custom projects by Tamarit Motorcycles based on a Triumph Thruxton R have been projects with a huge impact in our garage collection. Clearly inside the Café Racer Syle, the projects such as Babieca, Sombra and Dakota stand out for their stylized lines but at the same time for their mechanic capacity, developing a motorcycle almost perfect.