Thruxton 1200 R Side covers

There’s no doubt that among the last releases of the british motorcycle brand Triumph, there’s one that stands out significantly because its specatularity and capacity, the well known and famous sport model of the Thruxton range : The Triumph Thruxton 1200 R. In Tamarit Motorcycles we’ve been lucky enough to be able to have already 3 projects in our garage based on the most powerful bike of the modern classic range made by Triumph: the shady Sombra, the stilyzed Dakota and the elegant Julina. In Tamarit Motorcycles, by watching the rising and non stop demand for parts as the Triumph Thruxton R Oval cover, we thought that the next project that would be laid in our hands after “Sombra” would have to include undoubtedly a new accesory completely exclusive. After the popular cafe racer seat known as “Mónaco”, which is one of our best selling parts by being a unique piece very much appreciated by the lovers of the style and presence of the Café Racer, all of it blended into a powerful new generation motorcycle.

” It has been this huge demand and interest on the Triumph classic sport motorcycle what made us to release these side covers.” 


That’s why, we observed that one of the most popular areas of the motorcycle prone to be modified were the sides of the bike, and we decided to start the design and development of the Dakota side covers for Triumph Thruxton R. Same as other Tamarit accessories, we nicknamed the parts after the project that included them for the first time or the motorcycle that we think highlights this part the most, like the “Superstar” fork protectors, “Mr. Kevin” nose fairing or the side covers designed for the Triumph Bonneville T120 “Muralla”, made for the Triumph that was built and prepared for tour half of the world. The amount of orders for very popular motorcycles as the Triumph Thruxton R Silver Ice has gotten bigger significantly during the last monts, and it has been this huge demand and interest on the Triumph classic sport motorcycle what made us to release these side covers.

Tapa lateral Thruxton R : Materials involved

The Dakota side covers are made, like the rest of our custom accessories, of high quality fiberglass just like the Triumph Thruxton R Oval Cover “Dalúa” for the new generation, that guarantees a durability and extreme lack of weight, perfect for those who want to achieve the best performance of this motorcycle. As you can expect from a Thruxton R side cover  , the design of these covers is agressive but stylish at the same time, blending perfectly with the natural lines and engine shape of the Thruxton. As the custom paint service which will be mentioned later, one of the features that is obviously present on this part, is the easy way you can install this piece into your motorcycle, without the need of great or tricky tasks, just by taking out the stock part and applying some pressure on each of the anchor points.

If you don’t have a Triumph Thruxton R silver ice or other colour standard by Triumph, there’s not a problem at all, since this Tamarit Motorcycles part brings it’s trademark to the maximum: until now we’ve been able to paint the part in the colour of your bike, no matter if it was Silver Ice, Competition Green, Diablo Red … etc We understand that Triumph custom bikes collective has gone beyond boundaries and now we should step forward, offering the client the option of painting the side covers of whatever colour they choose by the RAL standard or Pantone by just a little extra fee.

The Dakota side covers for Triumph Thruxton are already available on the shop online.