Thruxton R Custom works

We have several custom projects based on Triumph Modern Classic Motorcycles, but they are a group that clearly stand out: The allmighty Thruxton R. Leaving aside the polivalent essence of the Bonneville (Titán, Matricer, DfRanklin) or the all terrain capacity that boast the Scramblers (Brisa, 216 ) , the sports range of the Modern Classic Triumph is always one of the most spectacular models to modify in the Tamarit Motorcycles workshop. Because it’s great sinergy with our Café Racer parts or its massive capacity, the Triumph Thruxton R always means that a great project is about to come, so the client’s full satisfaction.

Triumph Thruxton R Cafe Racer

Without a doubt, the most beneficial style and the one that clearly squeezes the Thruxton 1200 R characteristics is the well known and popular Café Racer. That’s why our parts collection for Triumph Thruxton 1200 R consists basically on accessories considered inside this Style, such as the Tamarit Belly Pan, o the always present and notable Café Racer seat “Mónaco”, a clear proof of identity. The Café Racer style has accompained Tamarit Motorcycles since basically day one, being actually the first project modified by us a Thruxton Café Racer (we’re talking about “Thruxt8n”, as many of you who read our stories probably know). But despite the time and our clients interests had put the stress on other styles such as the Brat Style or Scrambler that steps away from the classic cannon, we’ve always had some kind of soft spot for those bikes inspired by the english customizations made during the 50’s and 60’s.

“Not all the stock parts have to be necessarily removed”

Triumph Thruxton 1200 R Custom

Our makeover projects are based always on the desired guidelines that our clients tell us. The client receives at the beginning a few proposals that Tamarit Motorcycles sends, and he is the one in charge of choosing which parts and colours will be the ones to be included on the motorcycle. Talking about the Triumph Thruxton 1200R custom, an element always present on this kind of projects is the Mónaco seat and the rear fender eliminator kit, parts that transforms completely the rear part of the motorcycle, leaving it tidied up and without the bulky stock parts. Nevertheless, not all the stock parts have to be necessarily removed, since elements such as the nose fairing or the tyres Pirelly Diablo Rosso Corsa are great additions to the final product and, in our honest opinoion, there’s no need to be modified unless a much more dramatic modification is required, something that as always, is up to the client. On our lasests projects based on a Triumph Thruxton R custom, our clients have preferred to preserved those elements.

“The client is provided with exclusive and unique design proposals during the first stages of the project.”

Other elements fairly attractive for the client who wants to lay on us the makeover of a motorcycle, is the option to customize the bike with any design on the motorcycle, avoiding then the common and dull Silver Ice or ” easy to loathe Diablo Red. The client is provided with exclusive and unique design proposals during the first stages of the project, by combining 100% custom colours among a massive tones and styles chart. Not only we can paint the bike gloss or matt finish, but also we can apply our famous steel brush on the fuel tank, that gave us such a good result on projects like “Black Moustache”, a Thruxton Café Racer precisely.

The possibilites concerning the Triumph Modern Classics crown jewel are vast and interesting, what are you waiting for?

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