Babieca Motorcycle

A caferacer bike designed and transformed by Tamarit Motorcycles.


Babieca story

At the beginning of 2016, Javi Valls, a close friend related to Tamarit Motorcycles, had the idea in mind of buying us a motorcycle, but he wasn’t fully convinced. Every time we started the conversation about which changes wanted to carry out on his Triumph motorcycle, we never managed to get something in clear.

Sometimes we phoned him to tell him about the new parts on stock, but he was still hesitating. After a couple months with no contact, we reached him again because we had the motorcycle that he was looking for, nevertheless his answer was: “I know the motorcycle I want, I tried the new Thruxton 1200 during my trip to Hong Kong and I have fallen in love with her, so when I come back, I will go directly to the dealer to see it and try it again”.

Couple of days after, Javi turned up at our Shop with his pristine white steed. A truly beautiful motorcycle, obviously can’t outperform the Thruxton 1200R, but aesthetically provides a more classic look. It’s a matter of taste, that’s why both motorcycle models are sold.

Same day Javi show us his motorcycle, we were working on the Triumph “Yunque” makeover, which led the client to start with the makeover of his Thruxton 1200.

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Until then we had only worked with two motorcycles of the new Bonneville T120 generation and obviously we needed candidates of the new models, in order to introduce new parts to the market afterwards.
The Tamarit crew proposed a full makeover to the client, but Javi gave it several thoughts before, since the motorcycle was barely weeks old. Finally he decided to carry out a few changes, so we started working with the Thruxton 1200.

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For our surprise, we noticed that the lower frame was different from the Bonnevilles, its siblings, a truly setback since our first developed parts as the fender eliminator kit and our Jerez seat we developed for the Bonneville T120 were mismatched and useless.

The new fender elimination kit for the Thruxtons and our Mónaco seat were developed from scratch. The lower frame was shorter than the Bonneville’s, so it was decided to change the production lines for Mónaco and Jerez in order to distinguish them even more.

On the back part of the seat a few cracks were carved to resemble as the ones featured on the Thruxton fuel tank. The results were astonishing.

The exhaust manifolds for the Thruxton 1200 were different from the Bonneville ones, so if we wanted to set the previously developed exhausts it would’ve been futile. But it wasn’t the look we were aiming for, the look we wanted was Café Racer. We developed stunning cone-shaped exhausts, same as our former “Boludos”, but this time inside out, the cone-shaped part would remain unpainted in order to keep the colour of the stainless steel and the aluminium plate would be painted in anodized shiny black.

Regarding the custom numbered plate, we had also to develop a new holding system since the moorings were not on the same place.
Luckily , the Triumph sump guard was indeed suitable for the Thruxton 1200, as well as the turning signal holders, a new and shorter fender, the headlight grill, rear view mirrors on the grips, smaller turning signals, a Six Holes headlight bracket, the exhaust wrap and the leather grips.

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The client was reluctant to lose the white colour that he loved so much on his new motorcycle. The Tamarit crew were on the same page so no additional colour was painted. Also, to emphasize that white colour even more, the side cover and the fender were painted in white as well since on their factory settings were pure black.

We decided to change the upholstery colour to brown, along with the leather grips on the same colour and a leather belt over the fuel tank. The results were way more better than the black version, considering the original white colour had a creamy touch.

Before its public introduction, we had to christen the bike as every other motorcycle worked by us. Someone said that the motorcycle looked like Babieca, the white steed ridden by el Cid. Being the most famous horse of all Spanish history, it was an obvious choice for everyone, since that was the way used to nickname our motorcycles, something that would recall the Triumph motorcycle. The name was clearly ideal, Babieca, the Cid’s mount.

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