Rosso Motorcycle

A cafe racer bike designed and transformed by Tamarit Motorcycles.


Rosso’s story

At the beginning of May 2017, we received one email that stood out among the others, someone was very interested in our works and wanted to customise his motorcycle in our shop.

We have different kinds of clients: those who already own a motorcycle and want to customise it, those who don’t have a motorcycle and we search the motorcycle for him and then we begin the makeover, and last but not least those who buy a finished project, meaning a motorcycle that has been already transformed by Tamarit Motorcycles. In this case was “El Doctor Paco”, nicknamed by the end of the project for Paco, one of those clients who leave a mark among us.

After exchanging several emails asking for info, we phoned him to let him explain down to the last detail which was his idea for the Triumph transformation. We quickly gained a nice feeling with the client, realised perfectly what he was looking for and came to an understanding faster than usual about what the project should be.

Each bike is one of a kind.

Triumph custom works made under the client’s requests.

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The day after the phonecall, the client came to our headquarters in Elche (Alicante), given he lives only 90 km away, to clarify more details about the motorcycle’s makeover.
After a few coffee meetings with the client, we elaborated the main sketch of the project, signing the contract to start with his Triumph’s transformation.

The motorcycle the client owned was a Triumph Bonneville SE, a fresh challenge for Tamarit Motorcycles, considering that we have never dealt with that Triumph model before, also one of the rarest models. Doctor Paco’s Bonneville SE was an odd motorcyle: 3 cases, a huge front windshield, side covers and a giant blue electric locker hanging from the motorcycle that you could sight it from kilometers away. There were a lot of possible changes available to perform on this Triumph model.

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Doctor Paco desires for his Bonneville SE about motorbike lines and colours were crystal clear: something beautiful, comfortable, original but not sumptuous. Paco’s words were plain: “I’m a doctor and healthcare is my business, and you work with motorcycles, so I leave it all to you because you are far more experienced than I am on this matter”.

Our biggest concert with this Triumph bike was the balance, how to compensate the size of the 17” front wheel. One of the possible ways to do it was to set a back tyre on the front wheel, so we opted for a mixed 120 tyre with an outline of 80 and paint the rims in shiny black to increase the volume a little bit more if possible, only to leave the rim spoke aluminium coloured, a truly success up to date.

Once the little balance issue was successfully solved, we began with the Bonneville SE makeover.

Some of the Triumph parts that were involved in the cafe racer project were: Our eliminator kit, Jarama seat, Bocanegra exhaust, belly pan, the custom numbered oval-shaped plate and side cover, a ¾ headlight, rear-view mirrors and turning signals.

It was make up time, how to paint it, one part of the process that determines the results to be average or awesome. A bad choice on the painting can wreck the whole makeover process. Black or plain grey was the easy way, but we wanted to take some risks with a white base and intense red, coming with a golden contour. Finally the results were more than dazzling, we just loved it.

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As mentioned before, this Triumph Bonneville SE was a motorcycle that didn’t cause much of an enthusiasm because the issues previously mentioned, but nowadays we are very proud with the changes made, being Rosso one of our favourite makeovers ever done.

There won’t be two equal bikes.

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