Barracuda Motorcycle

A brat style bike designed and transformed by Tamarit Motorcycles.


Historia de Barracuda

Summer of 2017 was an arduous time for Tamarit Motorcycles. Many customers reached us to carry out the makeover of their Triumph motorcycles.
At the beginning of May, Juan contacted us, who was following us through social networks and loved our workshop results. Strong-minded, hard to convince and to adopt something that would differ of his concept of what a motorcycle should look like. Juan was infatuated by the Triumph makeovers performed so far and had a concrete idea to own a Triumph motorcycle totally different from what we have previously done.

After a few meetings with the client, we filtered Juan’s idea, but we had a quandary, until then we have only worked on Neoclassic Triumph motorcycles and through “Plug and Play” procedures, meaning only easy to set parts without soldering, cutting or drilling, something that could be undone in the future. Nevertheless, Juan wanted to cut the low-frame down, the back fender and several parts we don’t use or sell.

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Triumph custom works made under the client’s requests.

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At that time the dilemma about transforming the exact Triumph he wanted arisen, considering it was against our corporate philosophy, but at the same time was a unique chance to widen up the range of brands to work with, not only Triumph. We have always focused on Triumph makeovers and despite we were receiving hundreds of mails requesting makeovers of other manufacturer motorcycles, we’ve never accepted any of that projects.

Everything took a twist when Juan came to our shop just landed from Mallorca and showed us his request of transform the motorcycle undergoing heavy changes to the parts. Unfortunately we couldn’t give a response immediately, since the call of accepting that project was considerably big and something that would change our way of working, considering that a new line of business shall be opened.

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A few weeks later and after several meetings of the Tamarit partnership, we decided to work with different brands, on the condition that the project proposed by the client would be interesting and appealing.

Juan was a customer without a Triumph bike, so Tamarit had to search for a motorcycle which fit his desires and one of the premise both for the company and the customer was that it had to be a carb Bonneville T100, which ease the search big deal. The Triumph Bonneville T100 decision was because its grey coloured engine, considering we aimed for a restrained look and classic colours. A genuine classic Triumph on a nowadays motorcycle.

Once the motorcycle fell into our hands, the brat style project started. Juan’s ideas for the Triumph Bonneville T100 makeover were: cut the lower-frame as much as permitted by law (every motorcycle that comes out of our shop goes with the proper homologation), an exhaust totally different from what we had in stock, a 2in1 as the Bocanegra exhaust , the Boludos exhaust, a 28mm handlebar in the middle, and 22mm on the ends, leather grips, front turning signals on the end of the handlebar and not a single cable on sight, everything should be inside the handlebar. All of it involved the handlebar electric parts replacement, so we opted for Motogadget electrical set. An aluminium fender (both front and back) and a short seat ready for a driver and an extra passenger was also required.

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The engine paint of the Triumph Bonneville wasn’t in mint condition to be honest, which is understandably taking into account that the motorcycle is 12 years old, so we opted for take the engine out to sand it down and painted it with heat-proof coat. Engine covers were taken out as well to paint them in a chromed-matte colour, a colour just gorgeous.

Everyone has its own favourite colours, and english green was Juan’s choice for his motorcycle, and fulfilling the desires of our client so it was, we painted the motorcycle with english green which initially we though that wouldn’t be the right colour but once it was painted turned out to be a wonderful colour on this kind of motorcycle.

There won’t be two equal bikes.

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