D. Franklin Motorcycle

A brat style bike designed and transformed by Tamarit Motorcycles.


D. Franklin’s story

Once a project is finished, is a must for us to carry several task such as the corresponding photo shoots, both indoors and outdoors, the introduction party in our headquarters and of course, this story you’re reading at this very moment. If you have read previously some motorcycle stories written by us, you would think that we always write the same: all of them are “the most beautiful” and “spectacular” up to date. There’s some true in that words, since being D.Franklin the last one to join our garage and we genuinely feel like a kid in the candy store.

Nevertheless, this motorcycle is different, you would never dare to say which of your children is the prettiest since you love them equally, but we would dare to state that this one goes directly to our Top 3, so not the prettiest, but one of the prettiest for sure. Now it’s your time to decide!

By the end of september, once the motorcycle / summertime maelstrom wore out and waters were placid for us again, Mariano Esquitino turned up at our headquarters. He was an acquaintance for us, and we knew that he had a barely used Triumph Bonneville, with only 3800 km on its wheels in ten years. Unfortunately, this motorcycle has been parked by the sea most of its life so all the trims and chromed parts were almost devoured by the rust.

Each bike is one of a kind.

Triumph custom works made under the client’s requests.

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Mariano just wanted a little makeover, but after watching all our previous works was being infatuated little by little, specially by our last project introduced by that time, Barracuda.

The minor repairs and works like flashers and handlebar change and the rusty parts polishment, finally turned out to be a full makeover project. It was something that Mariano would never expected, then many doubts appeared such as colours, shapes, parts and so on, he only was certain about he virtually fell in love with his bike transformed by Tamarit Motorcycles.

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Something we always do before starting a project is having a chat with our client and know things about him: tastes, style, favourite colours, if he is traditional or modern, height and weight … etc, and once we know all this we show to him a few initial sketches.

Concerning Mariano things went really smoothly, since he was a gentleman, and told us that he only wanted to be surprised and gave us the lead.

We wanted D.Franklin to be a classic brat style motorcycle, regarding both shapes and colours. We polished and re-chromed all the default parts, so the valve cover, the fork legs, the metallic springs between the crowns, the ¾ headlight case , chain cover, front and rear rims and hubs were re-chromed as well. In addition, we opted for cutting down the frame and make a shorter double seat and to place some Tamarit parts all around the bike such as front and rear fenders, the Hummer sump guard and the Bocanegra exhaust. The crowns were remade in aluminum and the tyres chosen were the Continental TKC80.

On the front side, a 22mm Tomassetti classic cross handlebar and a beautiful white Kosso speedometer were the chosen parts to install. Other parts that were placed on the motorbike were the grip turning signals and rear view mirrors, the handlebar electric switches by Motogadget and the previously mentioned: the chromed crowns, springs and headlight case.

Regarding the paint job, we wanted something really restrained, sometimes “less is more” and we opted for a gray titanium colour, that would match perfectly with the chromed parts previously mentioned and the parts as well which were gold plated: front fender bracket, headlight case ring, fuel tank cap, fuel tank emblem and the carburetor caps.

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Talking about the Triumph bonneville seat upholstery, it wasn’t an easy choice the colour between black or brown, because on this Triumph bike project the upholstery was essential, taking into account that several parts should be covered in leather. Finally we chose brown as colour and diamond shapes on the padding, same pattern on both sides of the fuel tank. Moreover, other parts that were upholstered were the handlebar and the grips.

The only requirement that Mariano asked us was the inclusion of a set of bags to carry stuff while commuting to the office, since he previously had a horrible sacks made of cord but he told us that he found them very handy. The sacks were replaced by a gorgeous leather suitcase to use it on a day to day basis (another part you could check our on our website very soon).

There won’t be two equal bikes.

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