Matricer Motorcycles

A brat style bike designed and transformed by Tamarit Motorcycles.


Matricer’s story

The project subsequently known as Matricer, began almost as usual. Like most of the projects done by Tamarit Motorcycles, a client asks for certain parts to slightly modify his Triumph, and little by little gets infatuated by all the previous Tamarit works, only to end up asking a full project for him and to hang his beloved creation in our Wall of Fame.

Everything started by the end of the summer of 2017, when we received a simple email asking about our location and address to see some parts that he wanted to install on his stunning Bonneville T120.

Few days after Paco introduced himself to us at our office, accompanied by his wife, just to see what changes could be done to his motorcycle. Only a few people come with the clear idea of tasking us a full project and Paco was no exception, he just wanted to set some usual parts as the seat and the front fender. Paco was very pleased by how the parts looked like and the way we worked, so he came back several times to have some chats about the modifications to perform, just to increase little by little the length of the parts to install list. Finally, Paco decided to do a project under the form of Tamarit Motorcycles due the size of the makeover to make.

Each bike is one of a kind.

Triumph custom works made under the client’s requests.

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The initial idea that Paco had for his bike, was to modify and to make more functional the rear part, by installing the double seated Ibiza seat, and including the carrier that previously appeared in other project based on a Bonneville T120, Muralla. Other features that the client really liked was the leather bag set (perfect for carrying the laptop and the office documents) to be installed on the side, also present perhaps in one of the most gorgeous projects ever done by Tamarit Motorcycles, #32 D.Franklin. All this features resulted in a very comfortable, functional and day to day use motorcycle.

Paco also wanted to provide Matricer of a singular roar by installing our powerful exhausts for the Triumph Bonneville T120, Thor.

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The sides of the brat style motorcycle were equipped as well with our covers, the “Muralla” model, and our well-known oval-shape cover, where the client wanted to be featured the number 7.

About the front part, the parts chosen to be included in Matricer were the Little Bastard front fender and the Yunque sump guard. But other part should be mentioned, the Dakar front mask, our newest entry to our parts catalog. The dakar is a mask set above the headlight in order to cover the speedometers and wiring. This part will be available and listed in our shop online very soon.

Matricer’s showcase

It was a long time ago since the last Tamarit mischief, and Paco, the owner of Matricer was the next to be pranked by one of our surprises. Then, on his hometown, a meeting at first completely casual was arranged between our accomplice and him. Paco came to the office thinking that only work matters would be discussed. But he was very surprised when he found his new bike inside the actual office! We finished the job a week ahead of the deadline a we decided to deliver to him on the Twelfth Night as a great present.

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Talking about the wheels, the client wanted to achieve an aggressive look somehow, so we opted for the AVON as Matricer’s shoes, as well as the rims painted in black. Other minor parts to be included were the turning signals, switches, rear view mirrors, exhaust wrap… etc

The client wanted a dark motorcycle, not moving that much from the original Matt Graphite that the bike had originally, so after a few proposals we selected the colour: Shiny black, which was featured along a chromed grey, which covered some parts of the bike such as the front mask or the side cover, in order to prevent the bike to be that much dark.

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Triumph bike based in the Triumph T120 MATRICER was publised in exclusive in the blog  4H10.

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