Dakota Motorcycles

A cafe racer bike designed and transformed by Tamarit Motorcycles.


Dakota’s story

Tamarit Motorcycles had to wait more than a year in order to work again with a project based on the crown jewel of the Triumph Modern Classics. When Triumph updated all the Modern Classics catalog, there was one motorcycle that clearly stood out among the others, the performance model for the new Thruxton 1200. The “R” is the fastest Triumph modern classic nowadays, and the Tamarit Workshop was very lucky to work with a Thruxton R thanks to the “Sombra” project, one of our most beloved creations up to date. Working with Sombra was pure pleasure to us, so it’s been the motorcycle whose story you’re about to read.As we said, one year after Sombra was out of the oven and unveiled, Ramiro, who bought a few parts from us some time ago, contacted us. Those parts were posted to United States, but surprisingly, Ramiro was born in Spain and lived most of his life in Madrid.

After ten years living in New York ( he lived actually on the famous Dakota Building, right next to Central Park and were Lennon lived until his tragic death) , Ramiro is moving back to Spain and he couldn’t left his Thruxton behind so the motorcycle was brought as well when the time for the move came. He kindly asked us to install the parts that he bought in the past, and also commented that he was thinking about giving a twist to his Silver Ice Thruxton, so he implied that some sketches would be more than welcomed. Obviously the Tamarit design department swiftly made some sketches with design proposals and in a matter of hours Ramiro had several ideas on his desk.

Each bike is one of a kind.

Triumph custom works made under the client’s requests.

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Ramiro was truly impressed for the cafe racer project looks even if it was only a sketch drawn on a piece of paper and accepted the proposal immediately, which began taking the Sombra project as an starting point, despite that the project finally ended up being completely different. A very common episode in Tamarit Motorcycles, when the client falls completely in love by a fresh project already delivered and wants that project “whatever it takes”. Unfortunately, Tamarit’s answer has been always a categorically negative, because as many of you would already be aware of, even more if you’ve read other stories on this website, is that Tamarit Motorcycles signs a non-written exclusivity commitment with their clients who want to start a project with us. Briefly put, we will never make two equal projects, each Tamarit Motorcycles creation is unique and unrepeatable.

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Tamarit Crew themselves turned up in Capital City lands in order to strike the deal and to pick up the Thruxton R on their way back to Alicante.

First and foremost is to remove that giant rear fender that includes the Triumph Thruxton R, changing dramatically the rear part of the bike, thanks to the tail tidy and the Mónaco Seat. This rear part is also equipped with the Tamarit Exhausts “Apolo”, made of stainless steel and aluminum. On this occasion, the catalyst had to be removed and replaced by our Off Road part, which will be available at our online shop very soon.

Other parts that achieve noticeably that aggressive look are the shortened front fender and obviously our belly pan for New Generation Triumph Modern Classics, whose results are just as the Sombra project, stunning. One more to join the fiberglass team was the official Triumph nose fairing, which would provide several options and ideas for design and painting.

Finally, we have to mention the side covers included on this project. Tamarit Motorcycles takes advantage of the release of their projects for developing and releasing new parts for their catalog. This time, the workshop team, who has been developing a set of side covers for the new generation for some time, included on the Thruxton a prototype of this covers, that looked awesome equipped on the “R”, giving the project an extra twist towards aggressiveness and will make tongues wap for sure.

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Talking about the design and colour, it was decided that the engine and rims would be painted in satin black, and the tank and fiber in a chromed gray, but not a regular chromed mirrored effect but a bit blurry, as you can check on the pictures. A vintage styled picture, inspired by the racing cars from the 60’s, accompanied by red stripes that go along the bike from cowl to head.

We’re dying for coming back to Madrid with a completely different Triumph bike than the one we brought and for watching Ramiro’s face when the time for unveiling his espectacular Thruxton 1200R comes.

There won’t be two equal bikes.

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