Appalachia Motorcycle

A scrambler bike designed and transformed by Tamarit Motorcycles.


Appalachia’s story

A barrier that we have to solve quite often during most of the custom proyects based on Triumph Modern Classics is the registration and ruling issue that exists in Spain, country where a huge percentage of our work remains. Despite there’s an increasing number of Tamarit Motorcycles riding through foreign roads, our projects have to be thoroughly designed and prepared in order to get the proper license and registrations that would allow the motorcycle to travel on spanish roads. Items at first sight insignificant such as a headlight grill, a short fender or the number plate holder could be a problem on a strict regulation office. Fortunately, the Appalachia project is a very special one because it’s the first one that Tarmarit Motorcycles has prepared for a client who resides permanently at the United States, country that as everyone would know, is the Mecca for custom motorcycle builds.

Just as a musician who realises that his work is getting popular when he or she stares at the public and doesn’t recognise any face, a business is a true one when not only friends, family and acquantainces are the ones who come to your place. As Tamarit Motorcycles was developing their presence on the Internet and social media, several clients started to crop up and contacting us to talk about exclusive works on Triumphs, even from other countries like France, Italy and Belgium. As we said before, United States is basically the golden dream of any motorcycle builder professional, since the summit of this collective is exporting a full motorcycle job to the other side of the Pond.

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We were very thrilled about the idea of working on a motorcycle with barely any regulation to follow, since United States is somehow more relaxed regarding this issue and you can add any item that you consider to be aesthetic (you could even set a sword as a battering ram embed between the forks and no one would say a thing), however, here in Spain we live under the yoke of the strict government regulations, same way as other european countries. During the 2018 summer’s end, someone from the United States wrote us an email about the interest in a motorcycle project. As usual, we called the client right away according to the Tamarit Motorcycle procedures. It was quite a surprise for us that our client’s spanish was perfect, because the client turned out to be an american nationality but spanish-born.

After a few calls between business and client talking about the motorcycle project, the idea started to be shaped and take some solid foundations, and Tamarit and the owner of the project later known as Appalachia, Félix, met in Madrid a few weeks after. Despite Felix actually lives in North America, he travels to Spain twice or three times a year for business, and made the most of one of those trips to speak face to face with the team that would build the motorcycle of his dreams. After putting some ideas in common about estimates and designs, a few days after the handshake the carburetor Scrambler owned by Felix set course to Valencia’s port, where would be taken to Tamarit headquarters located in Elche.

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It was truly a pleasure meeting Félix, not only because he’s a client (we have a lot of clients and we try to treat them as best as possible) but also because his approachability and naturalness, and he connected almost instantly with the Tamarit Team feeling something special. Fate sometimes really likes to have a laugh, and despite having the oportunity of doing something really out of the common, since no examination or regulation shall be passed, it wasn’t like that, because Felix wanted a motorcycle that could easily be riding on spanish streets. He wanted an scrambler pure and simple, and Tamarit was so glad to project and create his idea.
Talking about the parts that would modify Felix scrambler, the rear part was completed with the Tramontana kit, that resulted to be a great adition on previous scrambler style projects such as Niza, but this time the usual diamond stitched would be changed for stripe stitches, as well as a white edge on the border of the seat upolstery. Parts and irons that would be installed on the bike would be our
new design chaincover, the footrests and the hummer sumpguard (essential for an air-cooled scrambler project).


As something new to add on the Triumph bike, an exhaust system was made from scratch like a 2 in 1 type, but on this case brought from the high level to the low level, with a great result as well. The Ruby project took his heritage as well, the side covers were made just the same way as the pure classic previous project, metal side covers where the power filters would be exposed and the EMD engine side covers that would greatly improve the lookings of the engine.

On the front side of the motorcycle, clearly steals the show our big front fender “Grand Bastard”, the classic Renthal Motocross handlebar and the alluminum forks in black. Another items of the front that were added, the pantera fork springs in black and the 3/4 headlight with the grill. Feliz didn’t want to constrict the level of the devices and completed the project with the usual Motogadget set of handlebar switches and controls, the Puig levers and the Kosso speedometer. Obviously, an scrambler motorcycle delivered in United States could only have one tyres choice, the Continental TKC80. About the paintwork, it was a risky bet but with a great result, a combination of shiny and fresh colours such as white and yellow, that combined perfectly with the Tamarit’s speciality: the metal finish.

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Since the owner of the bike couldn’t be present during the time of finishing the bike, unfortunately we decided to not hold a showcase party so, right after the motorcycle was finished, was wrapped and packed inside the protective wooden case and sent back to United States. As an anecdote, we had time for an action photoshoot with the bike speeding up from one place to another lifting some dirt, instead of the normal steady pictures, we had several pics that turned out to be great, hope you like them!

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