Speedster Motorcycle

A custom bike designed and transformed by Tamarit Motorcycles.


Speedster’s story

One of the sentences about our exclusive projects and that probably you would hear around here more often is: Every motorcycle ends up bringing another one. The bike which brought the stunning Speedster is no other but the beautiful BELHARRA. Just as it was told during the Belharra project story, during last year spring two french gentlemen came to our offices, interested in our job and the projects we were working currently in. We really enjoyed that morning with Christophe and Gerard, talking and telling stories about our days of the past, always related to motorcycles.

Christophe, who was the one to inform us about a friend fairly interested in a project by Tamarit Motorcycles (that friend would turn out to be Alexandre, future owner of Belharra), told us as well that eventually he would be joining the Tamarit Motorcycles family as well. After a few months, a Bonneville Black carb appeared in our after market network, Christophe didn’t hesitate and he said, “that’s the next motorcycle to be built by Tamarit”. And as the people from the country of these gentlemen would say: Voilá!

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Christophe came back to Tamarit Motorcycles HQ by the begining of December, but he didn’t have the concept of his future Triumph bike quite clear since he already owned a Brat Style from other Spanish fellow builder so that concept was quickly discarded. Luckily, that cold evening was the day before a showroom party at Tamarit Motorcycles, where two of our finest creations would be released: RUBY and HIDALGO, definitely one of the greatest projects ever made so far.

Slightly overwhelmed by the projects, Tamarit Motorcycles team suggested Christophe something completely different from what we’ve released up to date, and certainly it would have nothing to do with what’s en vogue on the scene on that time: a flat track, whose concept could absorb many features from different styles already worked by Tamarit Motorcycles. The results were undoubtedly brutal, clearly one of these projects that we could define as top, and it really makes the click on us. Many times it’s true that in the end we build what our client wants and it’s not exactly what we would’ve made on the motorcycle if the team was to decide, but this time, both client and team were truly shocked with the final result.

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When the bonneville project got started, first thing to do was trying to reduce the motorcycle height as much as possible, therefore, the rear shock absorber was lowed down by 6 centimetres, so there were the front triple tree were cut another 6 centimetres. Other element to talk about is the tyres, a Victory Classic that they’re already regulars at the Tamarit casting, big sized and bulky, with a bigger profile and section and the rims black painted, would provide a killer look as well.

About the rear part, we opted for two sepparate seats, the pilot which was old school and a for the passenger a little module placed on the rear fender that we adapted to the bike, which a remarkable leaning, as the old flat tracks. The frame was cut down as much as possible, until the edge was aligned with the rear hub and new curve was made to close the frame at the rear part. On that curve, we adapted the rear led tailight and the rear turning lights were installed as well on the steel made rear fender.

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Fortunately, the bonneville motorcycle aimed to ride through our beloved neighbour country, therefore we could include several details as set the number plate not on the middle but on the side, so the rear tyre was completely uncovered and shine. About the two side covers, it was a pure inspiration matter and were designed and built in the meantime this project was been built. These covers would be covering the twin K&N filter that the bike was equipped with, and two sixty nine were featured as well (Christophe’s birth year) . The exhausts were handmade just for the project, because everything we put on the table wasn’t good enough for Christophe, and so be it, we made to measure the perfect exhausts for this motorcycle. And the result is something unbeatable that no other but a few exhausts in the world could provide.

A Motogadget speedometer would be inserted on the headlight along the headlight grill. As said, considering that the bike was meant to ride in France, a yellow lightscreen was applied as well, a Biltwell Drac handlebar, switches and turning lights provided by Motogadget and the levers by Kustom Tech were the set of parts that completed the front of the motorcycle. We still had to decide a colour and Christophe decided to keep the motorcycle unpainted. He didn’t wanted to paint the motorcycle and leave the pre-treated steel colour after sand the parts and the tank down several times and after that, few coats of varnish would be applied as well in order to about problems in the future. The result is just spectacular. Because of the bike was meant to be sent to France, was nothing but an effective and lethal double-edged sword because we loved to build a motorcycle without any restriction or homologation limits but, on the other hand, it was truly devastating for us the fact that we would never see SPEEDSTER again with our own eyes most likely, one of the projects that automatically jump into the top three projects ever done by Tamarit Motorcycles.

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