Bizarra Motorcycle

A brat style motorcycle designed and built by Tamarit Motorcycles.


Bizarra story

Normally when we tell the story of a motorcycle here at the website, the tale begins with the day we met the client and everything goes around the process of the bike making spanning sometimes a few months, the client called, the client sent us an email and so on. And despite we hardly ever can pinpoint an exact date when the project began, this time we’re positive about it : the meeting between Tamarit Motorcycles and the owner of the BIZARRA project took place on March 28th, the day for the release party of the new Scrambler 1200, where most of the modern classic motorcycle collective gathered around, at the Triumph Alicante facility. That thursday, part of the Tamarit Team as we say went to the showcase held in Alicante, and after being said hello to a few acquaintances and clients, Paco, a friend of the Tamarit family, introduced us to José.

Jose directly told us that a few days before, wrote to us through a contact form existing in our website to discuss about the chance for making a project together. We were truly impressed, since we thought that José was a soon-to-be owner of an Scrambler 1200, but he wasn’t, he was actually scorting some friends, because he already owned a modern classic Triumph, the one and only Boneville T120. Needless to say that the day was fantastic to be honest: we greet some friends who we didn’t see from long ago, we met the Scrambler 1200 in real life ( both versions! ) and we went home carrying a new project. From the motorcycle builder point of view, what else could you ask for a perfect night?

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A few days after we finally met with José in a more relaxed and work-focused enviroment, and we began to shape the project that would become the motorcycle of his dreams. Tamarit Motorcyles, counting only a few exceptions, always makes the projects to deliver according to our clients desires, so it’s basically the clients the ones to conduct the orchestra that plays the symphony that a project made by us could be. A lot of projects take shape according to the ideas provided by the client, and finally to be applied in a rough sketch that we handmade to the client.

For other clients with a less humble budget, an hyper realistic computer generated image is made with vectors and renderized layers, so the clients have a true side view of what the project could become. Regarding the BIZARRA project, the idea was clear from the very beggining so was the concept and the donor bike. A multi purpose Brat Style motorcycle made on José’s beloved Triumph Bonneville T120.

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Bizarra’s showcase

Bizarra, as well as most of the Tamarit projects, it was released in our showroom during a pleasant summer evening. José had the enormous pleasure of sharing that evening with friends and family, where he could see the motorcycle of his dreams for the first time in real life. Tamarit always is so glad for sharing the evening with everyone and for making our clients special for a day, a truly pleasure for us as well when the client lifts the veil of the motorcycle and the smile suddenly appears on his face each time a finished project of us is uncovered.

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Once the Motorcycle entered the surgery room, we developed from scratch a new seat for this project and other one released a few weeks prior but they were created at the same time. The seat was simply the new generation version for the Tramontana seat, valid for the old air cooled genreation, which gave a nice result and lookings installed on the projects based on Bonneville, Thruxton and Scrambler such as Titán or Niza. This time the seat woudl be nicknamed Himalaya, because of the first project that included this part. The Himalaya seat is a unit shorter and narrower than the stock part so, the frame bars would extend a little bit more than the seat, resulting on a ver 80’s style look. A rear fender and a led light would be inserted on the bars to complete all the equipment of the frame. Regarding the shock absorbing system, there were work to do as well and the Bizarra project was equipped with an pair of HAGON shocks higher and delivering a better performance, that would rise up to 37 cm. Another adjustment made on the Bonneville motorcycle would be rising the triple tee by 3 centimetres in order to achieve the desired height of the motorcycle, because of the looks that José wanted to get, as well as the riding position due Jose’s height.

Tyres to be installed on Bizarra would be mixed Heidenau, front and rear, and along the wheels the chaincover would be installed as well as the Muralla covers, the Yunque sumo guard, the short fender, the headlight grill and four line brackets. The barend mirrors with the Motogadget turning signals would be the main atraction on the handlebar zone. Two of the imported parts that we would want to mention for this priject are the EMD engine covers, that you can find available in our website, and the Zard Racing exhausts, as well available in our website to place an imported order.

We always say that after a bike project we get a friend and on this case the rule as correct again: there are people who you quickly connect with, and this was José’s case as well: a very nice guy, whom we’re very fond to have met on that Triumph Showcase, not only because of the project that landed on us, but also because the experience of dealing with such nice person.

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