Black Pearl Motorcycle

A brat style motorcycle designed and built by Tamarit Motorcycles.


Blackpearl story

During this packed and extremely busy 2019’s March an email arrived through a contact form embed in our website to our mailbox, asking some information about an exclsive project. We never now what lies behind every question or query (there are messages only asking random or not that important question, or just people who want to watch only. However, there are other messages that could bring a full project of great importance, that’s why every mail is important to us. Tamarit Team answered quickly to one of these messages to receive on a weekly basis (obviously we wish every message to turn into a full fledged project once the quote is delivered).

On this case, the mail was sent from a place very near from Tamarit’s HQ and we got surprised for that, because normally people who lives not far from here always prefers to show up to our place because and errand around here or obviously, by attending one of our open doors parties that take place several times around the year in order the hold a showcase for a new exclusive project. We got in contact with Marcial and what can we say, every was great and a meeting was arranged in our office because, as we said, we were so lucky for living very close from each other.

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Marcial arrived and the suprises were far from being over, because as the idiom says, world is such an oyster and there were several friends in common between Marcial and Tamarit, some of them even already owners of some bikes from Tamarit Motorcycles Hall Of Fame. In the end, despite treated as a joke constantly, one of Tamarit founder’s favourite motto: ” You’ll get a new one from a former one”, is a wisdom phrase always becoming true! It’s well-known that the best advertising resources that this firm may have, are the projects riding through the streets and the satisfaction of the clients talking about their experience with Tamarit to their friends. Marcial showed up with an stunning Bonneville T120, and also with so short mileage on her engine, about 1200 miles.

Despite the bike was barely new and Marcial was really fond of the Bonneville, he wanted to make it on his own style and that’s why he was in Tamarit Motorcycles. Sometimes the client needs some extra guidance about the concept or the bike but this was not the case. Marcial was really sure about what he wanted: an exclusive Brat Style concept on his Bonneville and Tamarit was really happy to make his dreams come true.

Step by step, we had several meetings and phone calls so we were able to shape the main guidelines of the project with Marcial because at the beginning, who only want a little change. The first of the procedures would be cutting down the frame and install the new Himalaya kit, but including a led light inside the frame itself. This Himalaya kit, is the version for the new liquid cooled motorcycles of our previously released Tramontana kit, that you could find available in our website valid for the air cooled bikes. The kit Himalaya is shorter as a seat unit, shorter even the frame bars limit (it’s still valid for two people but we don’t recommend this for long trips) so a nice looking is provided for Bonnevilles and street twins. Other installed parts are: chaincovers, Hagon Shock absorbers, Zard Exhausts, Four Line Bracket, Headlight grill, Yunque Sump guard, short front fender, bar end rearvew mirrors, Motogadget turning signals and Muralla side covers.

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About the tyres we wanted to include as well other previous projects the Victory Classicsm both front and rear, a tyre that provides both style and distinction. Imported parts were included as well such as the HAGON shock absorbing system, that were extended up to 37cm and rise the motorcycle a little, something that Marcial wanted madly because he was almost 1’90 m tall. Regarding the colour, we just followed Marcial desired guidelines that took us to a dark motorcycle. Fortunately, our starting point was a Bonneville T120 Black, whose engine and rims were already black, and the base paint would be chromed and black with some satin parts as well. In the middle of the fuel tank a little details were added in white just to highlight the brand logo.

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