Moto Veloz Motorcycle

A dirt track bike designed and transformed by Tamarit Motorcycles.


Moto Veloz story

The Tamarit Motorcycles designs, are originated by a unthinkable number of concepts and reasons. Sometimes is the desire of the client of having a motorbike painted on a certain colour or style, but sometimes is some outer reason the one to inspire some lines or aspects of the design or concept of the motorcycle to work with.

Moto Veloz, the fourth bike to be modified by the Tamarit crew, came inspired by an 80’s toy called the same way, which consisted in a replica (quite detailed to be a toy) of an acrobatic Harley and a simple ramp made of cardboard. This toy, inspired by the dirt track of the famous acrobat Evel Knievel, has become nowadays, as many other toys from that age, in a valuable collectible item.

For its projects, Tamarit Motorcycles strive most of the times to adapt the motorcycle and the style to create to the personality of the client in order to fulfill his desires and satisfaction. So that “each dog resembles to his master”, in Tamarit we think that every bike we create has a unique personality, matched with the client one, in a way that always before we begin with the makeover of a motorbike, we arrange a few chats with the client in order to know more things about him and to be more accurate on the design to apply. Rafa, current and happy owner of Moto Veloz, turned out to be an energetic and bold being, and that inspired Tamarit Motorcycles to create around his Triumph Bonneville something that could really stand out of the regular canon.

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In order to get this deviant attitude for Moto Veloz, we opted for a Dirt Track concept, which if anyone doesn’t know about, is a type of auto racing performed on clay or dirt surfaced oval tracks. It began in the United States before World War I and became widespread during the 1920s and 1930s. The type of driving around this oval tracks is basically drifting so the bike is leaning most of the time. Spain was famous back then on this type of racing thanks to the Astro model by the brand Bultaco, which achieved many wins on the american circuits, country where this type of racing was founded and where it resides most of its popularity.

If “Assent” was designed specially for the motorcycle Dalua, for Moto Veloz a new seat was created from scratch, this one, simply named “Dirt Track” was inspired by the classic style of american Dirt Track bikes, which were very popular during the 70’s when they were broadcasted on sports Tv channels for the first time. Although the bike is equipped with Mitas tyres, obviously this bike wasn’t designed for the track and start drifting. The reality towards the client is just to use the bike to commute everyday from home to the office and to go out at the weekends.

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Tamarit Motorcycles just worked with an scrambler type motorbike (Super Lopez), and was this project the one to inspire the crew to create a new exhaust system for Triumph Modern Classics, the Papillon exhausts. A radical and aggressive piece of metal, which despite not providing much of a comfort for the daily use, is one of our best selling parts because its spectacular design.

Regulation rules are always something to deal with in order to satisfy our clients, that’s why at the front we didn’t remove the headlight system completely, we just installed an smaller one and smaller turning signals on the Bonneville as well. Regarding the mudguards, we installed the recurrent “Little Bastard” fender at the front. On the rear, apart from our Dirt Track seat, other parts to be included were the stainless steel chain cover and the smaller turning signals.

Since the Papillon exhausts were covering most of the right side of the Triumph Bonneville motorcycle, one of the parts introduced for the first time as well on this motorbike were the squared custom number plate, considering the success obtained with the oval shaped plate featured on the previous Tamarit motorcycles: Thruxt8n and Dalua.

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As a curious fact, when the crew took the bike out of the workshop in order to test it, we went for a ride to the countryside, and sorrounded by nothing but trees we ran out of fuel, so we had to push the motorcycle back for a few miles during the middle of August at 36º. We earned a tan for a few months.

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