Superstar Motorcycle

A scrambler style bike designed and transformed by Tamarit Motorcycles.


Superstar story

On the current Modern Classics collective, the trends that go around Europe nowadays are clearly noticeable. The consumer of this kind of motorcycles and its parts to modify them tends to choose two concepts of modern classic bikes: the Scrambler and the always present Café Racer. The Tamarit Crew experienced that on his clients, who through the makeovers requested, choose the same parts and the bikes to be painted in black or gray. Maybe it could be a little bit tiresome, but the results are no matter what stunning.

The 15th Tamarit project was born not from a client request, but the frantic inquisitiveness of the Tamarit Crew to keep on making new creations, discover new colours and shapes and above all to reach new concepts always inside the modern classics range of Triumph.

With no lead to follow since there wasn’t anyone waiting for the motorcycle, it is finally decided to create a motorbike based on a concept barely knew in Europe or Spain: a Dirt Track. Inspiration for this project comes from back in time while surfing through the web. Search with keywords such as “Dirt Track Racer” gave results and images of motorcycles with lively and chromed colours, with small fuel tanks and no front fenders, no headlights or no front brakes whatsoever. In short, very personal but beautiful motorcycles that would stand out everywhere. The Tamarit crew decided then to create a Dirt Track adapted to the urban drive, obeying all the rules and regulations but without losing that offroad essence.

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The motorcycle to enter our workshop was a 2010 Triumph Bonneville, with the distinctive feature that the engine would be an EFI-type one, so we had to keep in mind a few details such as adapt some parts to the EFI model or to remap the ECU because of the exhaust system that we will mention further.

In order to achieve that “Dirt Track” look, there were a few parts whose inclusion was out of the question: the Dirt Track seat (already introduced in “Neptuno” or “Moto Veloz”, the fork guards, the “The Son” belly pan and the front mask helped us big time to achieve that look that we were looking from a motorcycle just out from the 80’s. At the same time we installed parts like the classic cross chromed handlebar, rear mirrors and chain cover also chromed. We used the same technique on the speedometer and stock rims.

Regarding the tyres, we opted for mixed configuration, both front and rear, the E07 by Mitas.

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The rear part was also necessary to be adapted for urban drive, so that’s why we additionally installed our tiny turning signals and the eliminator kit necessary in order to adapt the triumph bike to the current regulation rules. The crew also wanted to provide the bike certain height and balance, so the 36 cm Ohlins shock absorbers were also included on the project. All this spectacular features and settings were completed by an exhaust system which is Tamarit trademark, the “Bocanegra” exhaust was included to provide the bike a more aggressive look and to feature an exhaust by the underside, dirt track style.

Sometimes, a paradox is created when decisions are free to take with a wide range of possibilities (with no client to impose some leads and restrictions) it gets really difficult to choose between all the possible colours that would match with the style we were looking for.

One thing was pretty clear, we wanted a colour that really stood out, so we finally opted for a Candy red with metal flake effect, combined with a pearl white and gold leaf. Moreover, in order to provide the Bonneville bike more personality, a lightning drawing was included at the cowl and the name of the bike was also featured on the belly pan and side cover, which turned out to be a good choice because the bike seemed to be ready for showtime.

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The graphic works and the paints chosen were definitely the cherry on the top, the motorcycle looked stunning, like a rock star, so it was nicknamed “SUPERSTAR” … in the end, the name featured on the side cover was the number 1.

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I want a Tamarit bike project.
I want a Tamarit bike project.