Santa María Motorcycle

A scrambler style bike designed and transformed by Tamarit Motorcycles.


Santa María story

Step by step, Tamarit Motorcycles has been expanding its range, being its best advertisement the creations that come out from its oven. Unique and exclusive bikes that run around streets and roads not only from many parts of Spain, but Europe. That’s why on the episode of Santa María, the creation came motivated by one of other legacy of Tamarit: Pegaso. The influence of Pegaso (nowadays happily ridden by its owner around France) reached catalonian lands, where Daniel, fell in love with this motorbike and he just wanted us to just make another bike like that one. 

One of the Tamarit corporate philosophies is that we don’t create the same bike twice. That’s why the initial answer that we gave to Daniel was no, that we were very sorry but we couldn’t copy a bike previously delivered to a client, then, the project should start from scratch.

Fortunately, Daniel understood our reasons and agreed to order a new design, although it was based on some basic lines from Pegaso, later on there were many different details that provided a unique identity to the bike, much for the owner’s satisfaction.

Each motorcycle is one of a kind.

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A very noticeable feature of Pegaso, was its Scrambler concept, ready for every terrain but elegant at the same time. A feature also preserved on this new Triumph modified by Tamarit Motorcycles, finally nicknamed Santa María. The resulting bike was an stylish double-seated scrambler, valid for such different situations as a countryside ride or a night for two in the city. This versatility was key for this project to be something at the garage to be excited with, since for us it was a challenge to create a motorcycle valid for a wide range of situations and conditions. That’s why the motorcycle Santa María features some details from each setting, such as the elegant camel upholstery or the paint job details, or the purely offroad parts like the Renthal handlebar or the Continental TKC80, a high performance set of tyres very capable on soft surfaces and all-terrain style thanks to its thick and wide configuration.

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Daniel showed up at the Tamarit Headquarters with a 2014 Triumph Bonneville, completely untouched and ready to be modified by Tamarit Motorcycles.

The Bonneville range is probably the most worked by the Tamarit Crew so, the gamut of valid parts for that bike were more than huge.

Many of the parts imported used to customize Daniel’s Bonneville were offroad style, such as the handlebar from the British Brand Renthal, or the tryes Continental TKC80. Moreover, apart from replacing the ignition key switch other tasks were changing the headlight for an smaller one, as well as the default speedometer was replaced by an smaller one: the Motogadget Tiny.

Other parts to install on the scrambler style bike were the black Shin Yo turning signals, the classic exhaust wrap or the Highsider rear view mirrors. The shock absorbing system was provided by the swedish brand OHLINS with their 37 cm rear models and on the grips we opted for a comfortable Bitwell Thruster.

To this huge set of imported parts would join all the Plug and Play parts from Tamarit that became Daniel’s Bonneville a motorcycle just stunning. Our “Scrambler” seat was complemented with a Shin Yo rear light, and the sides of the bike were customized with our side covers, a drilled one on the right side, and the squared shape custom number plate on the left one. The front of the motorcycle would be equipped with the Four Line bracket and the Grand Bastard fender. The steel parts paid us a visit as well with the chain cover and the exhausts “Papillon”. As a new item introduced on this Triumph motorcycle, we included our new sump guard, “Hummer”, more aggressive and larger than our previous part “Super Lopez”.

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Finally, talking about the paint job, we wanted to combine an indigo blue with a silver grey, which along some lines painted in white resulted in something very original and refined. Other parts that were painted as well were the rims and the valve covers, which we decided to paint in white as well since they matched perfectly with the upholstered seat and grips.

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