The Son Motorcycle

A cafe racer designed and transform by Tamarit Motorcycles.



The Son story

During 2015, one of the orders we received through the internet became something really special. Just a few minutes after the order was placed we received as well an email from the same person who made the order. He wrote us to change the shipping address, once the order would be ready he would pick up the parcel himself, since he is around Elche on a weekly basis due laboral reasons.
Once the order was completed, we called the client to inform him that the parts were ready to deliver. We met in a industrial area near Elche to deliver the order to “Eduardo”, considering we didn’t have our headquarters ready yet.

Eduardo turned out to be a charming human being, and after a few calls ( to solve some doubts about the installation of the parts) and some visits he paid, a little friendship emerged. And now our headquarters is a must visit for him everytime he is in Elche.

A couple months after, during one of that visits he used to pay Eduardo asked some questions about MR. KEVIN, the last motorcycle transformed by Tamarit back then. And the idea of adding something else on his motorcycle arisen, his motorcycle was a 2010 Thruxton, so he literally fell in love with MR KEVIN.

First of all, we gave to the client a budget of what should be the motorcycle makeover, once it was approved, we started to define lines and colours that would be part of the project.

On this case, considering he was from Valencia, only 180 kilometers away from us, the Tamarit crew went to the client’s hometown to pick up his motorcycle. Once the motorcycle fell in our hands we started working on it by strip the motorcycle down on its entirety.

Each motorcycle is one of a kind.

Triumph custom builds according to the client’s tastes.

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Eduardo asked for a few things, one of them was that he wanted clip ons on his Thruxton 900, even being conscious that he would lose quite comfort but he stated: A Café Racer without clip ons is not a Café Racer.

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The fender elimination kit and the Jarama seat were parts that already came with the motorcycle, since Eduardo bought that parts through the online shop and installed them by himself. Among all the parts used for the Thruxton 900 makeover we can list: a sump guard, the rounded mufflers, our belly pan, short fenders, the MR Kevin fairing, rear view mirrors, Koso speedometers, headlight grill, exhaust wrap and relocation of the ignition switch.

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Eduardo is simple guy and somehow classic, so he opted for a plain shiny gray combinated with shiny black. A graphic text was added that said: RIDE CAREFULLY BECAUSE YOUR SON IS WAITING FOR YOU. During the makeover process of the Thruxton 900, Eduardo revealed us that he was going to be a father in five months time, and that would be our gift. Obviously after being aware of such an event, we nicknamed the motorcycle as “THE SON”.

As previously mentioned, during that time we didn’t have our shop built yet, so we weren’t able to hold our regular presentation, but we wanted to give our friend Eduardo a little surprise anyway, so we decided that by the time he would be working abroad, we would sneak the motorcycle into his office with the valuable help of his sister. Pity that we couldn’t see Eduardo’s face the first moment he re-encountered with his Triumph bike.

There are not two equal bikes by TMRT.

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