How is the Triumph Scrambler 900 like?

Ready for any challenge

Undoubtedly, the Triumph Scrambler 900 is the definition of an off-road bike ready for any challenge and surface. Those who love action and rough roads will have the Triumph Scrambler as one of their preferences when it comes to getting a bike to live up to their expectations.

Origin of the Triumph Scrambler 900

Off-road frenzy

Based on the Bonneville and with a design inspired by the Scrambler bikes of the late 60's, it comes as an answer to those users who want to feel the frenzy and adrenaline rush of off-road adventure, while still riding a neoclassic.

Although Bonneville and Thruxton are relatively similar models, the newcomer Triumph Scrambler 900 broke the mold with the inclusion of entries such as new fork sizes, new factory wheels and exhausts located in the top part of the bike, far from the ground for safety reasons.

triumph scrambler 900

Scrambler 900 Triumph: characteristics

A breath of fresh air

This new family of bikes has an engine with more low-end torque than the other models in the Modern Classic range, seen to date. The Triumph Scrambler 900 has a 4-stroke inline twin-cylinder, air-cooled and a capacity of 865T. Its engine power is 59 HP at 6.800 rpm. The curb weight of the Scrambler 900 is 230 kg. A feature that highlights the loutish side of the neoclassics.

Triumph Scrambler 900 Specs

Stability and range of the Triumph Scrambler 900

The loutish side of the neoclassics

This new Triumph Scrambler 900 bike has a length of 2.213 mm, a wheelbase of 1.500 mm and the height of the seat is 825 mm from the ground. The front suspension features a telescopic fork, and the rear has a regular double steel shaft. The front and rear brakes are 2-pistons Nissin floating discs.

The Triumph Scrambler 900 is powered by a 95/98 unleaded gas and has a fuel tank of 16 liters.

Scrambler 900 Triumph: styles

Break from the routine

Just as there are bikes capable of adapting to different styles, there are others that were born for only one. This is the case of the Triumph Scrambler 900, a bike that is obviously closely linked to the Scrambler style.

This bike already has the necessary height and exhausts to become the ideal candidate to start any transformation of this style and it transmits that off-road vibe that will delight those looking for a little adrenaline rush out of the routine.


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