2008 Triumph Scrambler

The 2008 Triumph Scrambler is a classic motorcycle with an off-road attitude launched for the first time in 2006 by the British manufacturer. Based on a motorcycle from the 50s, this model is a modern interpretation of the style of the decade.

triumph scrambler

Triumph Scrambler 2008


Capable of an impeccable performance on paved and unpaved roads, the Scrambler is the off-road addition that the modern classic series needed. The British brand updates its models so they stay relevant in the market, these are the main characteristics and modifications of the Triumph Scrambler 2008.

triumph scrambler

Scrambler 2008

Great inspiration

The Scrambler is heavily inspired by the TR6 Trophy, a Triumph motorcycle presented for the first time in 1956. This motorcycle was very popular for the 12 years that it was manufactured, this popularity was in big part due to its appearance in the classic film “The Great Escape”. In this movie, Bud Ekins, the stunt double of Steve McQueen, performed what is to this day described as the best motorcycle stunt in history. The 2008 Scrambler carries this model’s tradition in its off-road styling and combines it with 21st century technology.

2008 Scrambler

Off-road styling

This motorcycle is an ode to the motorcycles of the 50s and follows the classic off-road styling of these motorcycles. From the twin exhaust with crossover headers located on the side of the motorcycle, to the higher seat and wider handlebar. The Scrambler 2008 also has a long-travel suspension, mixed tires, and an elegant dual-tone design.

Triumph Scrambler 2008

Daring combination

The 2008 Triumph Scrambler has an excellent performance given by the 865cc parallel twin engine, weights 452 lbs., has an overall length of 87.1 in., and a seat height of 32.5 in. This year’s model widens its color options and is available in Tornado Red and white, Roulette Green and Aluminum Silver, and a more daring combination in Tangerine and Aluminum Silver.

2008 Triumph Scrambler

Unique design

The Triumph Scrambler 2008 has a strong character with its off-road styling but is very minimalistic with its accessories which makes it an ideal motorcycle for a customization. While modifying a Scrambler, our designers make sure that the unique design of each client is not overpowered by classic style. Our team creates custom parts and accessories, developed specially for each customization project. Over the years, our catalog for the Scrambler has grown with plug and play parts, making it easier to place and remove each element.


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