2016 Triumph Scrambler

The 2016 Triumph Scrambler is a classic and off-road motorcycle manufactured by the British giant since 2006. Inspired on the TR6 Trophy, a model from 1956, this motorcycle brings together the best of the sixties and the latest technology. The 2016 Triumph Scrambler is the mark of ten years of success for this model and what appears to be more successful years to come.

triumph scrambler

The history of the Triumph Scrambler of 2016

A movie star

The history of the Scrambler takes us back to the 60s, when the TR6 Trophy was a very popular model in the motorcycle world. This popularity was mostly due to its appearance in the classic film “The Great Escape” starring no other than Steve McQueen and stunt double, Bud Ekins, who performed what is still believed to be the most impressive motorcycle stunt of all times. This scene had such relevance that over the years, the British manufacturer has launched special edition motorcycles to honor both men who participated in it.

triumph scrambler

The 2016 Scrambler

An off-road motorcycle

The 2016 Triumph Scrambler has very similar specs to the previous year’s model and also perfectly combines its classic look and long history with modern technology. This motorcycle has an 865cc parallel twin engine, the 2016 model is the last one to be air-cooled, after this year these motorcycles will be liquid cooled.

The Scrambler has a long flat seat, high level twin exhausts, wire spoked wheels, wide handlebars, a high riding position, and a simple look. This motorcycle is available in Matt Pacific Blue, the always elegant Jet Black, and a two- tone color combination in Diablo Red and Lunar Silver. The 2016 Triumph Scrambler has an adjustable seat height of 32.5 in at the lowest setting, and overall height of 47.3 in., and a weight of 471.8 lbs.

triumph scrambler 1200 XE

Custom Triumph Scrambler model of 2016

An original concept

This motorcycle has all the characteristics a Scrambler must have while also respecting its heritage and offering all the comforts of modern technology. This modern classic has a timeless style and a simple silhouette which makes it a perfect motorcycle to customize. Our team of designers work with each client to design an original concept that will be later carefully followed to create a unique customization. Over the years we have been able to develop custom parts and accessories to customize Scrambler models and all the modern classic motorcycles.


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