2017 Triumph Scrambler

The 2017 Triumph Scrambler is the most off-road styled motorcycle of the modern classic series of Triumph. The British manufacturer first presented their take on these classic motorcycles in 2006, long before other brands saw the appeal. Heavily inspired by the 1956 TR6 Trophy, it is easy to see the 2017 Triumph Scrambler as a reinterpretation of the classic and popular motorcycle that perfectly combines the classic look of the 60s with modern technology.

triumph scrambler

The history behind the 2017 Scrambler model

Legendary stunt

The TR6 Trophy was a motorcycle manufactured by the British brand in 1956, the remarkable success of this model was in part due to its participation on the classic film “The Great Escape” where Bud Ekins, performing as a stunt double for Steve McQueen, performed what is still described as one of the most impressive motorcycles stunts in history. The scene had such an impact on the popularity of the model that Triumph has launched a special edition motorcycle in honor of both men and we still hear about the stunt today.

triumph scrambler

The Triumph Scrambler 2017

A Scrambler concept

Even if the 2017 Triumph Scrambler has similar specs as previous year’s motorcycle, one of the biggest updates of the 2017 model is the switch from air cooling to a liquid one, this marks the end of an era that lasted ten years, since the launch of the first scrambler, and the beginning of a new generation of motorcycles.

The 2017 Triumph Scrambler has an 865cc parallel twin-engine, high-level twin exhausts, and adjustable plain seat, spooked wheels, and wide handlebars. This 2017 model keeps the simple design available in a dual-tone color combination in Diablo Red and Lunar Silver, or in a one tone Matt Pacific Blue, and the always elegant Jet Black.

triumph scrambler 1200 XE

Customizing a 2017 Scrambler

Unique design

This 2017 model checks all the boxes of what a scrambler motorcycle must be, respecting the classic style given by its predecessor, the TR6 Trophy, while also including the comforts of modern technology. With a classic silhouette and simple lines, this motorcycle is a perfect candidate for a customization into any classic style. Our designers collaborate closely with every client to create a unique design which our team can later follow to develop a personal customization. Over the years and with every customization project, our catalog of custom parts and accessories for the modern classic motorcycles has continued to grow.


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