2020 Triumph Scrambler

The 2020 Triumph Scrambler is the most off-road motorcycle of the modern classic series manufactured by Triumph. First presented in 2006, after almost 15 years in the market this model has undergone several updates and upgrades through the years.

Inspired by the 1956 model of the British brand, the TR6 Trophy, this motorcycle has a long history that is reflected in its classic style that is seamlessly combined with high performance and the latest technology.

triumph scrambler

The Triumph Scrambler of 2020: On and off-road adventure

The 2020 Triumph Scrambler carries the heritage of the model from 1956 without looking outdated, the impeccable performance is given by the 1200cc parallel twin engine. This 2020 motorcycle was presented in two versions:

The 2020 Triumph Scrambler XC was presented as the perfect motorcycle to ride on street or dirt, between the two models the XC leans more towards pavement. However, this does not mean that this motorcycle will not perform well on dirt, it has a long travel suspension, a 21 in. front wheel, Showa inverted fork, and Öhlins shocks. With a simple dual- tone design available in Jet Black and Matte Black or Khaki Green and Brooklands Green.

The 2020 Triumph Scrambler XE goes a step further and is prepared for rides on more difficult terrains. This motorcycle adds a longer travel suspension, a new riding mode: Off-Road Pro, and traction control. This motorcycle was also available in a two-tone elegant design in Cobalt Blue and Jet Black, or Fusion White and Brooklands Green.

There is also a special edition, the 2020 Triumph Scrambler Bond Edition. The name already says it all, the British brand created a limited number of motorcycles to honor these popular movies which, after so many years, have become part of the culture of their home country. With an all-black ensemble and an imposing look, this motorcycle made an appearance in the 25th movie of the series.

triumph scrambler 1200 XE

Custom 2020 Scrambler: Powerful and unique

Both versions of the 2020 model manage to keep the essence of the motorcycle they take inspiration from. The elegant silhouette and the incredible performance makes them a perfect choice for a customization. Over the years and with each customization project our team creates unique designs and develops custom parts and accessories for each motorcycle. We have specialized on the modern classic series of the British brand, which has allowed us to perfect custom parts to personalize every Scrambler model.


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