Triumph Street Twin price

The Street Twin is a popular motorcycle manufactured by the British brand since 2016. The low Triumph Street Twin price makes it one of the most affordable of the modern classic series, but this does not mean that it is lacking in style or performance. With the classic style of the 60s that characterizes all the models of the series, the Triumph Street Twin combines its heritage with the comforts of modern technology. The Triumph Street Twin price varies depending on several varied factors, the latest “standard” model launched in 2022 is available from $9,695.

triumph street twin

Street Twin price: Affordable and capable

The Triumph Street Twin is one of the most popular of the modern classic models because it successfully combines the classic style of the sixties, a remarkable performance, and the comforts of modern technology into one elegant and affordable motorcycle. This model has been described as the entryway of the Bonneville world for its 900cc HT Bonneville engine, updated to be cleaner and more efficient.

The Triumph Street Twin price varies if we look for previous years’ models, since this motorcycle was first launched 6 years ago the modifications are not as radical as motorcycles that have been in the market for decades. The condition of a used model also has a huge influence on the final price.

Another element that can influence the Street Twin price is the design and color scheme. This modern classic has a minimalistic approach but still manages to show all its heritage in its looks. The 2022 “standard” model is available in a simple design in Cobalt Blue, Jet Black, or Matte Ironstone, and each color will add a different amount to the final Triumph Street Twin price.

The Two special editions, Gold Line and EC1, have the same specs as the standard motorcycle, however, the limited number of motorcycles and the exclusive design elevates the price to $10,445 and $10,350, respectively.

The price of the Street Twin : Perfect build for customization

The Street Twin is a light and powerful motorcycle with a classic and minimalist design. The most affordable of the modern classics is a great base motorcycle to customize. The simple lines allow our professional team to create an original design for each client. Our custom catalog of plug and play parts for the Street Twin makes it even easier to personalize this model into any other classic style.


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