Triumph Thruxton RS

Exclusiveness on two wheels

The most sought after Cafe Racer for its unstoppable engine and technology, the Triumph Thruxton RS becomes the most hailed among lovers of speed, luxury and esthetic care. Its great power that distinguishes it from its competitors and its improvements in riding performance, place it at the top of the podium.

History of the Thruxton RS

Engine Legend

As the newest member of the Thruxton family, the 1200 RS is the most engined and powerful motorcycle in the British neoclassic "Modern Classic" range, surpassing its predecessors, the Thruxton 1200 and Thruxton 1200 R.

The sporty esthetics of the Thruxton 1200 RS is reinforced in the neoclassical world thanks to the incorporation of more sporty elements and details that make it the most up to date and versatile Thruxton.

These features make it stand out as the preferred choice for Cafe Racer style conversions.

This unique piece has established itself as the most contemporary of its lineage thanks to the refinement of its performance, both in terms of engine and handling. Riding a Thruxton RS means experiencing the adrenaline rush through your veins.

triumph thruxton rs

Thruxton RS: characteristics

Cutting-edge technology

The Triumph Thruxton RS is conceived around the powerful 1200 cc twin-cylinder engine that provides a power of 105 hp and 112 Nm. This makes its response agile and smooth, with a performance of 8 hp more power than its predecessor. Another new feature of the Thruxton RS engine is the three enhanced riding modes: Road, Rain and Sport, which now have their own traction control settings.

Its ride quality is one of the key features of the Triumph Thruxton RS. Aspect that is combined with fully adjustable and high performance Öhlins suspensions, Brembo front brakes, adjustable fork and racing wheels and tires.

This together with the reduction of its weight to 6 kg that makes it much lighter, brings spectacular capabilities.

The Triumph Thruxton RS has a maximum length of 2105mm, the widest part is 745mm and a seat height of 810mm, something that can be modified by changing the damping travel. As we have advanced, the weight of the Thruxton RS drops to 197 kg and the average consumption with these measures is 4.9L per 100km.


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