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Item description

The crown trim by Tamarit is a part designed for remove the holes that remain after the handlebar modification. It measures 13×3 and is valid for the Bonneville Carb, EFI and Spirit models from the Bonneville range. This pack includes the trim plate with the Tamarit seal on it and the nuts and bolts necessary.

How to install it?

The crown trim is very easy to set, you just have to attach it on the right place in order to remove the holes.

Difficulty level: Easy

Taking into account that is a very easy part to set, the installation time shouldn’t be more than a few minutes.
You will need the following hardware :
– 13mm wrench.
– 8 mm Allen key.

Materials employed:

All the Tamarit parts are handcrafted using the best materials available. The crown trim for Bonneville is made of weatherproof stainless steel.

Which Tamarit motorcycle includes the crown trim for Bonnevilles?

Alfa and Eme Black

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