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Item description

The exhaust wrap comes in a 15 meters long version and is a universal part that is possible to use one every brand and model. This kit includes the wrap and four clamps made of metal. This item is available in white, bronze or black colour.

How to install it?

It is recommended to first separate the exhausts and pipes from the motorbike and to soak the wrap as well. Make sure the wrap is very tight on every round you pull around the pipe.

Difficulty level: Easy

For the exhaust wrap installation it’s not necessary any tool. If you want to remove the exhaust pipes, you will need 10, 12, 13, and 8 mm wrenches and 6 and 8 mm Allen keys as well.

Materials involved:

The exhaust wrap is made of high quality fiberglass.

Which Tamarit motorcycle includes the exhaust wrap?

Dalua, Super Lopez, No Limits, Ronin, Santa María, Superstar.

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