Item description:

The 3/4 Headlight with grill is a front lamp for the motorcycle, which is slightly smaller than the usual default headlight. Specially designed for builds or makeovers that may include a certain kind of fairing or speedometer setting. Includes a case that resembles a grill, just as the other items of the same fashion.

This is a universal part, therefore you can install it on every kind of bike.

If your bike belongs to the air cooled Triumph generation, this item can be delivered along the bracket made by us.

How to install the Led Headlight with grill?

For the installation you need the proper bracket as well as relocate the electric regulator. The grille is fixed to the headlight so it doesn’t interfiere at all.

Level: Medium

In order to install the headlight with the grill you may need certain electronics and mechanics knowledge. If you are not keen enough on this issue, we encourage you to take the bike to a professional workshop where that task could be carried out in terms of safety.

Which Tamarit Motorcycles has installed the headlight with grille?


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