Item description:

The tank knee pads are made of nautic fabric and stripe-shape stitched. They’re valid for the old generation Modern Classics and it comes in pairs. Available in dark brown or black.

This part is one of the very few on the Tamarit catalogue that has been released due popular demand, since it was one of the most commented aspects of one of our latest projects, the shiny D.Franklin. Despite the knee pads weren’t supossed to be on sale at first, we experienced such an amount of questions in our mailbox that we decided to bring it online in order our clients to wear somehow a little piece of D. Franklin on their Modern Classic Triumph.

How to install it?

It is recommended to install them using a double-side heavy duty duct tape.

Materials employed:

All the Tamarit parts are handcrafted using the best materials available. The Tank knee pads are made of the nautic fabric used as well on our seats. This material is weatherproof.

Which Tamarit motorcycle includes the Tank knee pads?


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