Item description:

The Motogadget tiny speedometer is a part valid for all the motorbikes manufactured since 2011 that include a digital speedometer. This pack includes the clock, the ECU and the brackets.

How to install it?

Is possible to install the speedometer very easily thanks to our bracket. Nevertheless, it’s necessary to have some knowledge about electronics for a proper installation of the circuits and the ECU.

Difficulty level: Hard

Despite you can attach the speedometer to the bike in barely a moment, you will need certain knowledge about electronics to install the rest of the kit so the time would range depending on your skill or whom would be in charge of the task.
You would need the following hardware:
– Tin iron solder
– Allen keys
– Wrenches
– Watchmaker screwdrivers set
– Electrical tape

Which Tamarit motorcycles includes this part?

Santa María, 216

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