triumph bonneville t100 brat style tamarit california

California, ready to enjoy

The bike 98, California, has been designed by the Tamarit team and offered for sale on the web. A project that has not been built at the request of a client, but has been built, for the first time, for sale.

triumph bonneville t100 brat style tamarit california
triumph bonneville t100 brat style tamarit california


For the fastest

Ready to deliver. As in many other areas of life, the fastest gets it. California is ready to be shipped anywhere in the world, with its homologation by engineers already done. All you have to do is fill out the form below and wait for it to arrive at your doorstep.

Don't take too long to decide or you'll lose it.

triumph bonneville t100 brat style tamarit california

A major urban comfort

The project is based on a Bonneville carburetor, designed for excellent efficiency on urban terrain and with a comfortable ride height for everyday use. There will be no greater pleasure than to make those short motorcycle rides and enjoy an exclusive design on the back of the bike 98.

triumph bonneville t100 brat style tamarit california

Resemblance to the United States style

On this occasion, blue tones, together with white, get most of the attention. In addition, it is also worth noting the red details that can be seen both in the Ruby side covers and in the emblem of the tank or other elements. A choice of colors clearly influenced by an American inspiration.

triumph bonneville t100 brat style tamarit california

More than 10 professionals for its construction

A construction process in which some 13 people have participated and which has consumed a total of 280 hours of work.

triumph bonneville t100 brat style tamarit california

State-of-the-art technology

It has been included in the transformation, one of our essentials, the Motogadget speedometer, for a cleaner and minimalist finish. It is also worth mentioning the incorporation of other Motogadget components, such as front and rear turning signals, engine control unit and ignition key bracket.

From Tamarit we are always looking for the best optimization of our motorcycles and the engine control units work as the brain of the motorcycles, so in our projects we include the Motogadget engine control unit, the most complete on the market. Thanks to its functions and the App, the motorcycle can be completely monitored through your Smartphone.

triumph bonneville t100 brat style tamarit california

A lengthened silhouette

To improve the rider's position and the comfort of the bike, the project 98 has implemented a technique that only the specialization in these engines allows, the extension of the rear swingarm. A modification on the bike, evident to the naked eye but also when riding. In this way, the chassis is completely modified and a new one is created, adapted to the needs of the transformation.

triumph bonneville t100 brat style tamarit california
triumph bonneville t100 brat style tamarit california

Graphite nickel plating, another great protagonist

Another technique that stands out in California is the graphite nickel plating of the entire engine and metal parts that compose it. A very visual result that changes the aesthetics of the bike, leaving a more marked and exclusive aesthetic.

Black lacquered Tamarit exhaust

Continuing with the dark design of the metal parts, a black lacquered exhaust with anticaloric paint has been added to the transformation.

triumph bonneville t100 brat style tamarit california

Aesthetic power

Thanks to the nickel plating process of the engine, the Ruby Side covers take great prominence in the central part of the bike, standing out for their colors and design in harmony with the rest of the bike.

triumph bonneville t100 brat style tamarit california

Embedded speedometer

On this occasion, the Motogadget speedometer has been embedded in the tank for a cleaner and more minimalist finish. The maximum technology, in the minimum space.

triumph bonneville t100 brat style tamarit california
triumph bonneville t100 brat style tamarit california
triumph bonneville t100 brat style tamarit california
triumph bonneville t100 brat style tamarit california

Safety in every curve.

A bike designed to be used on a daily basis could not but incorporate the new stalwart of high-level transformations, the adaptive LED headlight. The technology of this component will help you light the way even in the most unfavorable circumstances, accompanying you through every curve to avoid any unforeseen events before turning.

triumph bonneville t100 brat style tamarit california

Exclusive blue upholstery.

Comfortable, urban and modern. A bike that not only expresses a contemporary design, but also incorporates a seat for two that provides all the comfort necessary for a bike of this level. A two-seater seat upholstered in blue suede of the highest quality.

Increased aerodynamics.

To complete the design of this project, a lenticular rim has been added, this type of rim prevents air from penetrating through the spokes, so turbulence is reduced and aerodynamics is improved with a consequent increase in speed.

triumph bonneville t100 brat style tamarit california

Do you want it to be yours?

Fill in the form and become the next lucky owner of a Tamarit.

Servizi Tamarit

La mia Tamarit

Godetevi un'esperienza personalizzata quando comprate la vostra moto con i servizi di Tamarit Excellence. Scopri tutti i vantaggi di cui puoi godere come parte della famiglia Tamarit.

Oltre 100 moto realizzate

Tamarit Motorcycles è diventata la più grande impresa a livello globale nella trasformazione di motociclette con motore Triumph, un vero e proprio punto di riferimento nel settore.

Grazie a questa crescita è nata la famiglia Tamarit; un fortunato gruppo di persone che può godersi la moto dei suoi sogni e che fa ormai parte di tutto ciò che rappresenta Tamarit Motorcycles.

Stili e motori con cui lavoriamo

Che stili fate sulle moto Tamarit?

Cafe Racer: Queste moto di solito hanno una sella monoposto; semi-manubri e un portamento aggressivo.

Brat Style: Moto comode per due persone, manubrio alto e grande per poter assumere la posizione giusta.

Scrambler: Sono le moto adatte per le strade di campagna.

Dirt Track: Un concetto molto americano per dei modelli di moto fatte apposta per delle derrapate su ovali di terra.

Premium: Moto ibride difficili da catalogare con un solo concetto o stile concreto.

Su quali modelli di Moto Triumph lavorate?

Lavoriamo con tutti i motori della gamma Modern Classics di Triumph.

Triumph Bonneville 900, Triumph Bonneville T100, Triumph Bonneville T120, Triumph Thruxton 900, Triumph Thruxton 1200, Triumph Thruxton 1200 R, Triumph Thruxton 1200 RS, Triumph Scrambler 900, Triumph Scrambler 1200, Triumph Scrambler 1200 XC, Triumph Scrambler 1200 XE, Triumph Street Twin, Triumph Street Scrambler, Triumph Speed Twin, Triumph Bobber y Triumph Bobber Black.

Devo avere una moto?

A) Se avete già una moto Triumph: Se siete già proprietari di una moto Triumph potete utilizzarla come base di un nuovo progetto. Ritiriamo la moto da qualsiasi parte d’Italia.

B) Se non avete una moto Triumph: Nel caso invece non abbiate già una moto, il team Tamarit ne troverà una giusta per voi, una che si adatti al vostro progetto.

Prezzo, spedizione e scadenze.

Qual è il costo di un progetto Tamarit?

Il prezzo delle moto Tamarit viene calcolato in base alle parti di ricambio utilizzate e alle ore di lavoro necessarie per sviluppare il progetto. I prezzi sono consultabili attraverso il modulo del preventivo a disposizione sulla nostra pagina web.

Come vengono spedite le moto?

Le moto vengono ritirate e consegnate direttamente a casa vostra. Disponiamo di un servizio di trasporto che ritira o consegna la vostra moto in qualsiasi parte.

Quanto tempo ci vuole per realizzare un progetto?

In media il progetto di una moto Tamarit viene portato a termine in un intervallo di tempo che varia dai 90 ai 180 giorni. Durante questo periodo il proprietario della moto riceve un report settimanale/quindicinale relativo allo stato di avanzamento del progetto.

Garanzia sui progetti Tamarit

Una volta terminato il progetto e ricevuta la vostra moto Tamarit direttamente a casa, potrete godervela senza preoccupazioni per un anno.

Le moto Tamarit, infatti, hanno un anno di garanzia sul progetto di trasformazione e durante questo periodo il nostro team fornisce un supporto personalizzato.