Triumph Scrambler 900 price

Triumph Scrambler is the definition of an off-road bike ready for any challenge and surface. Those bikers who love action and rough roads will have the Triumph Scrambler as one of their preferences to create their custom Tamarit project.

For its part, the Triumph Scrambler 900 was discontinued in 2015, being its closest current bike the Triumph Street Scrambler, the Triumph Scrambler 900 price on the market is approximately 10,000 €.

triumph scrambler

Triumph Scrambler 900 price

Tamarit Customization

Why is it better for Tamarit to get you a second hand bike to customize it to your liking? Because by improving a little more the Triumph Scrambler 900 price than a standard bike like any of the above, you can be at the controls of a second hand bike totally renewed, customized and, therefore, unique and exclusive in the whole world, made to your exact measure and in which your taste and preferences will be reflected down to the smallest detail.


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