Used Triumph Thruxton

We are not a used Triumph Thruxton dealer that sells motorcycles traditionally. Our modus operandi works as follows: if you don't have a Triumph motorcycle, we comb the second hand market to get you one and we sell you that same motorcycle transformed and modified in the purest Tamarit style.

The used Triumph Thruxton bikes we buy are motorcycles to be completely transformed. We have 3 transaction variants that we respect: The first one, buy used Triumph Thruxton from the client and sell him the transformed bike.

The second, the client already has a used Triumph Thruxton and gives it to us to transform it completely for us. And the third, and less common, is when Tamarit Motorcycles has finished projects for sale, as the last case, which is the Triumph Bonneville T120 that we bought in a particular way to transform it and sell it under the name of Carlota.


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