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Hagon shock absorbers specifications

  • 38 mm piston.
  • 18 mm piston rod.
  • Nut-adjustable spring pre-tension.
  • Available lengths: 360mm.             
  • Springs: 18, 20, 23, 26, 30 y 35 kg.
  • Spring outer diameter: 73 mm.
  • Comes in pairs.

This part es compatible with all the Thruxton, Bonneville and Scrambler models before 2016. The shock hydraulic is adjustable on 10 stages with automatic compressión-extension adjustment. In addition, this kit includes a Shim Stack hydraulic tuning control. This part will increase the height of your motorcycle by 2 cm.

How to install them?

The Hagon shock absorbers for Triumph are very easy to set, you just only have to remove the original shock and place the new one. All the shock absorbers are ready to install because they use the same anchor points as the default parts.

You will need the following hardware   :
– 12 and 13 mm wrench

Which Tamarit motorcycle includes the Hagon Shock Absorbers?

Pegaso, EmeBlack, Alfa, Neptuno, Neptuno 2, Mr. Kevin y The Son.

¿Any question about the Hagon shock absorbers?

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