Valid for:

Option A: Motorcycle models with analog speedometer:

Every motorcycle with analogue speedometer manufactured before 2010: Bonneville 900 Carb and Thruxton 900 Carb, Thruxton 900 EFI and Bonneville 900 EFI.
If you have an Scrambler, contact with us.

Option B: Motorcycle models with a digital Speedometer:

Models manufactured after 2010: Bonneville SE, Bonneville SPIRIT, Bonneville 900 Carb, Thruxton 900 Carb, Bonneville EFI and Thruxton EFI.

For these bikes with digital speedometer you need to purchase as well the M.TRI.

Once you place the order, please write to in order to tell us model and year of manufacture. 

Item description:

This pack include two items, the Motogadget Motoscope Classic Speedo and the M.TRI ECU, both by Motogadget.

The Motogadget Motoscope Classic Speedo is an analogue speedometer with several digital aditional features on a classic rounded housing. A white dial and a red indicator form the classic analogue gauge. An LCD screen and 4 LED indicators reports about the aditional status of the bike on a reliable and accurate manner.

The high quality materials, the hand packing and the thoroughful quality control provides the best quality possible in terms of functionality and looking.

How to install it?

This bracket is attached by the same anchor points as the stock one, therefore, you only have to screw on the part right in the place. Nevertheless, in order to install and calibrate the speedometer itself you need electronics knowledge.

Difficulty level: HARD

You will need the following tools:
· Soldering gun
· Allen keys
· Wrenches
· Tiny screw drivers
· Duck tape

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