Item description for Galfer Brake Disk:

This article includes the front and rear brake disks made by Galfer. Is valid for every air cooled Triumph, such as Bonneville Carb, Bonneville EFI, Bonneville SE, Bonneville Spirit, Thruxton Carb, Thruxton EFI, Scrambler Carb and Scrambler EFI.

How to install the Galfer Brake Disk?

In order to install this part, it is recommended to hire professional mechanical service just for the sake of safety while riding.

Difficulty level: Medium

This installation, despite is not very difficult, should better be carried by an expert just in case.

Materials employed on the Galfer Brake Disk:

This brake disks are made of high quality stainless steel.

Which Tamarit motorcycle includes the Galfer Brake Disk?

The Boss.


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