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Speedometer Motogadget Chronoclassic speedo, M-Tri signal adapter for Triumph

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Suitable for:  All injection Triumph with digital speedometer after 2011

Parts containing: M-Tri switchboard, speedometer and stand to place it.



Speedometer Motogadget Chronoclassic speedo, M-Tri signal adapter for Triumph.

What pieces does it contain? The Motogadget Kit Tiny contains a speedometer, mounting bracket and M-Tri control unit.

How to place it?

It is very easy to place, since you only have to remove your original speedometer and place this with the same anchors of Triumph, no modifications or complications.

The original connector is used and the instrument cables and indicator lights are connected to the color-coded m-TRI terminals. There is no welding or cable detection. It's Plug & Play.

All our Triumph odometers are ready to arrive and ride because they use the same anchorages as the factory models.


The m-TRI not only provides the engine speed, but also the signals of the indicator lights: left / right turn signal, low fuel gauge, error memory, main beam, neutral, HIGH water temperature and oil pressure.

Which Tamarit Motorcycle bike does the Motogadget Tiny Kit include? We have 1 custom bike in which we have added the Tiny Kit Tiny injection. You can see the bike below: Rosso