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Thruxton Seat "Mónaco"

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Suitable for: Thruxton 2016 and Thruxton R.

Measurements: Similar to the original Triumph seat.

Parts containing: Pollock, upholstery seat and original screws.

Choose the color you want for your seat upholstery. The color RAL is exactly as your bike color. The unpainted color is the fiberglass finish.

Delivery time if painted option is chosen: 10 working days approximately.




Triumph Thruxton Seat "Mónaco" 

What pieces does it contain?

The Triumph Thruxton Seat "Mónaco" includes 2 handmade pieces: Colín and the upholstered seat. The mounting screws are the ones that come as standard on your bike.

How to place it?

All of our flap covers are ready to go and assemble because they use the same anchorages as the factory models.

Just remove your original seat from the motorcycle with the key of the motorcycle and place the seat "Mónaco" under pressure, no modifications or complications. No screws required

What materials are manufactured?

All the pieces are made by hand with the best materials on the market. In particular, the Mónaco seat is made of fiberglass, sponge and nautical material. The materials are resistant to all types of weather conditions.