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Triumph Fork Protectors "SuperStar"

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Suitable for: Bonneville 900, Bonneville EFI and Bonneville Spirit.

Measurements: 46 x 9 x 9 cm
Materials: Top quality fiberglass.
Parts containing: Triumph fork protectors (unpainted)


Triumph Fork Protectors "SuperStar"

What pieces does it contain? Triumph fork protectors made of fiberglass

How to place it? It is very easy to place, since you only have to remove the support of the front fender and place the Triumph fork protectors, no modifications or complications.

Which Tamarit Motorcycles include the Triumph fork protectors? We have several personalized motorcycles in which we have added the Triumph fork protectors. You can see some below: 
Neptuno and Superstar.

Ref: PH26SP


 triumph fork protectors