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Triumph front fender for Triumph Spirit. "Little Bastard"

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Suitable for: Spirit.

Measurements: 35cm length.
Materials: Fiberglass of great quality.



How to place it?

The front fender for Triumph is very easy to place, as you just have to remove your original fender and place the fender "Little Bastard" with the same anchorages of Triumph, no modifications or complications.

All our mud guards are ready to come and ride because they use the same anchorages as the factory models.

What materials are manufactured? All the pieces are handcrafted with the best materials on the market. Specifically the Little Bastard front fender is made of high quality fiberglass.

Which Tamarit Motorcycle bike does the Little Bastard fender include? We have 1 personalized bikes in which we have added the Little Bastard. You can see the bike below: Rosso.


The Little Bastard front fender protects the front shock absorber from dirt and debris projected by the wheel. The Little Bastard fender is suitable for the Triumph Spirit bikes.