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Triumph new generation Headlight Bracket "Four Line"

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Suitable for: Thruxton 1200, Bonneville T100, Bonneville T120, Street Scrambler and Street Twin (for the Street Twin model it is necessary to buy the pack with the special odometer support).

Measurements: 5mm thickness.
Materials: Stainless steel or black lacquered iron.



Triumph Headlight Bracket "Four Line"

More information

The Triumph headlight bracket installation is very easy. You only must to remove the original headlight bracket and place the "Four line". It uses the same Triumph anchorages, without modifications or complications.

Which Tamarit Motorcycles motorcycle includes the Triumph headlight bracket?

We have several custom motorcycles in which we have added the Triumph headlight brackt. You can see each of the following bikes: Yunque, Yunque II and Muralla.