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Triumph headlight and support

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Suitable for: Universal part, suitable for all Triumph models thanks to our support
Measurements: 3/4.  17x12cm depth. 14,5 cm diameter
Parts Containing: Headlight and support for easy headlight positioning. Triumph headlight with short and long position lights, also includes a support for easy positioning of the headlight.


Triumph headlight and support

Instructions: Remove the original headlight and place the 3/4.

Material: Aluminum
Colour: White
Color of light: White
Lighting Type: LED Bulb
Voltage: 12V
Power: 10W
Lens Size: 120mm / 5 inches

How to place it?

The Triumph headlight is very easy to place, since you only have to remove the original headlight and place the 3/4 headlight. It is necessary to relocate the electricity regulator and place the electrical system inside the headlamp below the tank.. Our support will be installed in the original housing of the electricity regulator.

Tamarit Motorcycles bikes: Pantera, Pegaso, Moto Veloz and Super López.

Ref: FS20

 Triumph headlight and support