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Triumph Seat "Tarifa"

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Suitable for: Thruxton 900, Thruxton 900 EFI, Bonneville 865, Bonneville 865 EFI, Scrambler, Scrambler EFI, Bonneville Spirit and Bonneville SE.

Measurements: 59x24cm

Materials: Fiberglass, gel and nautical material. Resistant to weather conditions.
Parts containing: Colín, two-seat, retroreflector, LED tail and electric pre-installation ready to connect with the original.


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Triumph Seat "Tarifa"

What pieces does it contain? The Tarifa seat includes 2 handmade pieces: cowl and seat. Also includes retro-reflector, tail light and plug with electrical installation. The screws for the assembly are the ones that come standard.

How to place it? The seat is very easy to place, since you only have to remove your original seat and place the Tarifa seat, with the same screws and anchorage as the Triumph seat, no modifications or complications.

All our seats come ready to ride and assemble because they use the same anchorages as the factory models.

What materials are manufactured? All the pieces are manufactured by hand with the best materials on the market. The Tarifa seat is made of fiberglass, polyurethane and nautical material. In addition, the seat is injected with high density polyurethane, which gives extra comfort. The materials are resistant to all types of weather conditions.

Which Tamarit Motorcycle bike does the Tarifa seat include? We have one custom bike in which we have added the Tarifa seat. You can see here: Pantera.

Ref: TA04


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