Handmade product

Tamarit parts are handmade in Spain. Each one of them is designed and crafted in our facilities, which allows us to add a personal touch to every detail. Our commitment is reflected in each of the pieces we handcraft.

For us, each piece is unique, a result of artisanal work. This also means the outcome is not always the same, unlike mass production.

Plug and play

By maintaining the same anchor points as the original parts, many Tamarit accessories offer a "plug & play" installation. This means that you only need to remove the original piece and replace it with the new Tamarit one. This way, you can install your parts from the comfort of your home.

Custom-made and personalized

Tamarit parts are custom-made for each of the Triumph Modern Classics models. First, molds are created using the original measurements of each motorcycle to ensure that the attachment points of the part match those of the stock piece. This is a rather complicated process, as any error or subsequent changes to the model can make its installation impossible.

On the other hand, the customization of the part also plays a fundamental role in this stage of the process. Choosing the colors, upholstery, or, in some cases, the design you want will also affect the time that needs to be invested in the piece.

Colors RAL of Triumph

Thanks to our specialization in Triumph engines, we have been able to work with almost all the RAL colors of the brand. Tamarit parts are available in a wide variety of official colors to match those of your motorcycle. Once the part and motorcycle are selected, the available colors for your model will appear.

Delivery times

If there are two features that identify Tamarit pieces, they are the artisanal process and customization. These are features that can sometimes extend delivery times. As mentioned, each piece is crafted one by one, and some colors are painted as needed, depending on demand.

You will find the estimated delivery time on each product page.