Brat Style motorcycle

The daily pleasure

The Brat Style bikes from Tamarit Motorcycles arrive to make riding a pleasure to enjoy daily. Designed to be more comfortable, without losing an iota of esthetics and exclusivity. For two-wheel passionates who need to feel the power of a great engine on their way to work. The perfect combination of comfort and style.

What is a Brat Style motorcycle?

Neoclassical hybrid design

To know the origin of this style, we go back to the 90's, in Japan, known as the country of the rising sun, where the Brat style or Japan Style motorcycles were born. Its creator, 23-year-old Go Takamine, set up his own store and customization garage in Tokyo, baptized under the name "Brat Style".

To create this style, he mixed the concepts of a British Cafe Racer and an American Bobber, creating a hybrid design between the two, retaining their most defining features and characteristics, but with certain modifications. Some of them are the maintenance of the classic Cafe Racer style, but with the reduction of its size, with respect to the Bobber.

Brat style japon

Brat Style origin

An era-defining genre

The design and esthetics of the motorcycles allude to their "punk" style and began to be copied around the world, later becoming a generic term for this kind of fun bike style with a retro and vintage touch.

With a minimalist appearance and stripped of all those parts that at first glance may seem unnecessary, the Brat Style bikes take precedence for their agility and lightness, guaranteeing both functionality in the city and comfort on two wheels.

Taller brat style Japon

Brat Style, features

Comfort on two wheels

In order to make the result as light as possible, Brat Style motorcycles have a medium cylinder capacity. In addition, their low suspension balances the shape of the bike so that it is as parallel as possible to the ground. Wide tires, exhausts underneath, small-diameter headlights, flat two-seater seats and higher handlebars are the main features of a Brat Style. Comfortable and suitable for urban use.

Brat Style motorcycles

Suitable for urban use

If we want to know what a Brat Style motorcycle is, the first thing to think about is a city bike. This type of bikes must have the necessary characteristics to make you get wherever you go in the most comfortable and agile way possible. To do this, it is vital to have a motorcycle that is easy to handle and easy to use.

A hybrid between two of the most renowned styles in the history of motorcycling: The Brat Style motorcycles.

What are Brat Style motorcycles like?

Like on your cozy couch

All the features of the Brat Style motorcycles are aimed to the maximum enjoyment of your comfort and riding experience. Brat Style bikes are characterized by low height, so the suspensions are usually low to achieve a more balanced structure on the motorcycle.

In addition, they have a medium cylinder capacity to make them as light as possible and small headlights. The wheels take center stage with wider tires and spoked wheels, these tires give the possibility to improve the riding feel to prioritize the rider's comfort.

Brat Style transformations

Rider’s comfort

One of the most comfortable parts of a motorcycle is the position of its handlebars and the style that defines it. Its handlebars have a higher height because this style does not enhance aerodynamics like others, but the most important thing is to improve comfort while riding.

Designed to cover as many kilometers as you need and in the most comfortable way, the Brat Style motorcycles can accommodate a passenger thanks to their slightly elongated and flat two-seater seats. It is precisely this that makes it an ideal bike for the urban environment, with better handling and stability.

Brat Style engine

Handling and Stability

Due to the above-mentioned, when undertaking a Brat Style conversion, it is advisable to start with a Bonneville engine, since the original position and performance of the bike lends itself easily to modifications that enhance comfort while riding.

An iconic engine with which to enjoy an unhurried, comfortable and agile experience.


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