Triumph Bobber

Built for customization

Featuring an obsessive attention to detail, the Triumph Bobber has been made for customization. A bike created to make it yours and one of the most elegant models of the British manufacturer. Undoubtedly one of the most exciting motorcycles to hit the market in recent years. These magnificent low stature machines are known for their cruising ability and minimalist handling.

The Triumph Bonneville Bobber is a unique opportunity to customize the motorcycle and get a tailor-made result from experts.

History of the Triumph Bobber

The custom culture

The Triumph Bonneville Bobber originated during the first half of the 20th century, these Bobber style bikes are often synonymous with the early custom culture in the United States. In fact, their main purpose in the 1920s was to improve both the performance and styling of the Harley Davidson "J" model.

As the "J" model started to get old in the late 1920s, owners began to trim the rear fenders and silencers, which started the movement that would later become the Bobber style, reinforcing the Bobber presence.

Triumph History

origen motores bobber

Triumph Bobber: origin

The Bobber presence

The popularity of the Triumph Bobber in custom styling burst into the 1940s, when many Speed Twins and Tigers were imported before the war with Bobber modifications made, proof that the British bike brand had been involved in the Bobber movement from the beginning. Although it was not until many years later that Triumph brought out its own Bobber model as such.

The first Triumph Bonneville Bobber was announced near the end of 2017 and finally began shipping in February 2018.

Triumph Bobber characteristics

Just what you need

But what distinguishes these bikes from other models? Well, it all boils down to reducing their overall weight and improving the air dynamics of the model itself. Therefore, any superfluous elements were quickly eliminated to facilitate acceleration.

As mentioned, the latest model of the timeless Triumph Bonneville Bobber includes a number of state-of-the-art amenities. However, there are also other improvements that are worth mentioning and that make them the legitimate custom symbol.

Key improvements to the Triumph Bobber

Legitimate custom icon

One of its main improvements is the increased capacity of the bike's fuel tank. This time, a 12-liter fuel tank has been added to the model, which is a 30% improvement over the original model's meager 9-liter capacity.

Other notable upgrades include Brembo brakes and higher-performance Showa forks, as well as a new 16-inch front wheel that gives the model a particularly imposing and muscular front-end presence. Both features are designed to provide greater handling without departing from the essence of the classic Triumph Bobber design. A purebred classic bike.

What do Triumph Bobber bikes look like?

A purebred classic bike

The Triumph Bonneville Bobber combines engineering, technology and performance with unmatched DNA and impressive "hot rod" sound and handling. These bikes feature the brutal 1200cc Bonneville engine, loaded with torque with a specific tuning that allows it to deliver more power and torque than even the Bonneville T120.

A bike that represents the purest minimalist riding spirit, with smooth lines, an exposed engine and a powerful torque and exhaust sound that is second to none.

Motor Bobber Black

Triumph Bobber Technology

Driving technology

Triumph Bobber bikes stand out for their muscular looks and newly integrated advanced riding technology. The latest Triumph Bobber model is a nod to current minimalist trends with limited but highly innovative features.

Innovations in the Triumph Bobber

Highly innovative

Such as the under-seat monoshock suspension system, which is composed of a floating aluminum seat pan and a fully adjustable seating position, designed to ensure a comfortable and more enjoyable ride. In addition, the seat itself has a height of only 690 mm, making it an extremely accessible bike to ride.

But the surprises don't end there, the 2021 model also includes "Road" and "Rain" riding modes, Ride-by-Wire technology, LED lighting, switchable traction control, and much more.

The new Triumph Bobber

A new generation

With a recognizable silhouette, minimalist styling, wide handlebars and a low-slung frame, the Triumph Bonneville Bobber becomes the true modern icon of neoclassical culture. A new generation of bike incorporating a 1200cc parallel twin engine that provides great acceleration power, an even more energetic response that also complies with Euro5 regulations.

Triumph Bobber Specifications

Triumph Bobber Style

Personality and style wherever you go

In 2021, the Triumph Bobber received an update both inside and in the esthetic part, which is intended to achieve a more robust appearance. Another of the most recognizable features of these models is its floating seat, which gives the bike an exceptional esthetic value.

Undoubtedly, this model also comes ready to be customized and adapted to the taste of each rider. A perfect bike to transmit personality and style wherever you go.


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