Bonneville Bobber 2017

A year after its successful presentation, the Bonneville Bobber 2017 arrives in the market and quickly becomes the best selling motorcycle in the history of the British manufacturer. One of the biggest reasons for this model's success is also why it’s part of the modern classic series, its incredible combination of timeless style with the latest technology. The Bobbers have a history that goes all the way back to the first half of the last century, in the custom scene in the US, and gained more popularity in the forties as the light and minimalist motorcycles we know now. The Bonneville Bobber 2017 carries this heritage and combines it with an incredible performance, these are the main characteristics of this motorcycle.

The 2017 Triumph Bobber specs: Aggressive and classic

The Bonneville Bobber 2017 can be easily recognized with just one look, this motorcycle has a low stance, clean lines, short fenders, minimalist approach, and a very imposing silhouette. This model has a familiar looking liquid-cooled parallel twin 1200cc engine. Other specs of this model include a wide flat handlebar, spoked wheels, and a low floating single seat, very characteristic of the style. As for the dimensions, this 2017 model has a dry weight of 502 lb., a seat height of 27.2 in., and an overall height of 40.4 in.

Although this motorcycle has the classic style characteristic of the series, the Bobber has a more aggressive and muscular look. This year’s motorcycle has a simple design available in Morello Red, Matte Ironstone, the always elegant Jet Black, and a two-tone design in Competition Green and Frozen Silver. The Triumph Bobber 2017 price is $11,900, but a different color scheme will add to the price.

First presented in Milan the previous year, the success of this motorcycle was only the beginning of what would be a series of updates, modifications, and special edition motorcycles.

Customizing a Triumph Bonneville Bobber 2017

The original custom

The Bonneville Bobber 2017 is an imposing motorcycle with a very recognizable look, with an aggressive stance, but also with clean lines and a simple silhouette that make it a perfect choice for customization.

We have been able to work on over one hundred customization projects, all of them with modern classic motorcycles, which has allowed our professional team to perfect our catalog of custom parts. Born from the customization scene, there is no limit with a Bonneville Bobber motorcycle.