Triumph Seats

To create our custom seats, we draw inspiration from the transformation projects we work on every day, as well as from the customization vision of our clients. Materials: All Tamarit’s accessories are made with the utmost care and the best materials we can get our hands on. Our seats are made with polyurethane, nautical leather, fiberglass, foam and more of the best materials available in the market. Plug and play technology: The search for the best seat seems to be never endless due to all the Triumph seats for sale available on the internet. An easy installation process is something to take into account, the plug and play technology ensures the easy placement of the new seat with basic tools and in only a few minutes. Color scheme: On each of the seat’s descriptions there is a display of all the available colors of the seat, including the original ones used by triumph, as well as the colors of the upholstery.

About the Triumph aftermarket seat

Whether is a triumph solo seat or a triumph dual seat the construction of the seat has to allow a comfortable ride able to resist everyday use without losing quality. If you want to go one step further, we also have kits to completely transform the rear part of your motorcycle. The installation process of this kits is a bit more complex than the triumph motorcycle seats due to the number of pieces, that is why we recommend installation be managed by someone with mechanical knowledge. Browse the web to see the finished transformation projects we have worked on so far, we have used our sits and kits in them and you can use it as inspiration for your own motorcycle.


Waiting is one of the worst parts of online shopping. We work hard every day so you can receive and enjoy your order fast as possible! All our parts and accessories are delivered in 72 hours, for the painted personalized seat this time 15 days. The package is completely secured to withstand the long trip from our store to its destination, and with the plug and play technology you will have your seat installed in no time. If you have any questions, go to the FAQ, or contact our team for more information.

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