Triumph Scrambler

An off-road bike

There is no such thing as bad terrain, only bad bikes. The Triumph Scrambler is one of the motorcycles that exploits the most off-road performance, with it there will be no limits. An ideal bike for those who are looking for bikes with a higher height and fun to ride. The definition of an off-road bike, ready for any challenge and surface.

Triumph Scrambler History

The adventure of a lifetime

There are no impossible roads, that is a rule that the Triumph Scrambler always complies with. The Scrambler bikes emerged at the beginning as the off-road bet of the air-cooled neoclassics. In a panorama where both the Bonneville and the Thruxton were already available, both oriented towards asphalt surfaces; the Triumph Scrambler was aimed and designed for those action lovers looking for more exciting routes.

Triumph Scrambler: origin

More exciting routes

The Triumph Scrambler has its origins in the 1956 Triumph TR6, a motorcycle that created a style that would last almost 20 years, marking a little-known milestone in the history of motorcycling. It would take 30 years for Triumph, the legendary British brand, to revive this off-road concept.

triumph scrambler

Off-road concept

Scrambler motorcycles are the British adaptation of an American phenomenon, the California desert races. The first British motorcycles that triumphed in 1951, were single-cylinder 4-strokes such as the AJS, Matchless and BSA.

The terrain where these races took place was already complicated in itself, but if you also added the number of riders who participated in these races, the handling of the bikes became more and more complicated as the laps went by. All this forced the riders to look for bikes with more and more speed, power and handling.

Triumph Scrambler Off Road

triumph scrambler

Triumph Scrambler: models

No pavement? No problem

First launched in 2006, the Triumph Scrambler range made a strong entry into the air-cooled neoclassic family. Since then, it has taken until 2019 to return to new models that were purely Scrambler.

Triumph Scrambler Engines

Purely Scrambler

First, we meet the Triumph Scrambler 900, this bike was produced from 2006 to 2016 in both fuel configurations, carburetion until 2008 and electronic injection until 2016. More current, the Triumph Scrambler 1200 is one of the novelties of recent years, an increase in cylinder capacity to 1200cc and combining all the improvements of the water-cooled.

The 1200 has been somewhat replaced by the Triumph Scrambler 1200 XE, the latest release that goes a step further with respect to the 1200. The XE has been imposed by its improvements, definitely, for those looking to give a more extreme use to the bike.

triumph scrambler
triumph scrambler

Triumph Scrambler

A more extreme use

In relation to the sub-models of this engine, there have also been different special editions of which few units have been manufactured. One of the most remembered is the special edition of the Triumph Scrambler 1200 Steve McQueen. This motorcycle made in honor of the actor and the legendary motorcycle of the movie "The Great Escape", is inspired by the Triumph TR6 and the most famous motorcycle action scene in the history of cinema.

triumph scrambler

Triumph Scrambler Style

Scrambler ²

This engine shares its name with one of the most important neoclassical styles and it is no coincidence, as there is no engine that better represents the Scrambler style. It is perfectly adapted to both trends of this style: classic and off-road.

It is the off-road motorcycle par excellence, especially when it comes to the 1200cc models. At the same time, spectacular classic beauties can also be achieved with this bike as a base. Maximum fun on all terrains.

triumph scrambler
triumph scrambler

Triumph Scrambler: features and styles

All terrains

Despite being an engine that fits into two trends, a priori, contrary to each other; Triumph Scrambler motorcycles are represented by common features such as the high exhaust, its great height and its mixed tires. Therefore, it is considered the best choice for an off-road motorcycle, although some of its sub-models could fit into a more classic style.

For example, it would be a tremendous mistake to want to do something classic with a Scrambler 1200 XE, for this case, you could opt for a Scrambler 900 as its lines are less aggressive.


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