Triumph Thruxton R Accessories

The Triumph Thruxton R accessories will allow you to customize this Modern Classic Triumph up to measure. In most cases, you will just need a simple tool set. Tamarit Motorcycles offers a whole catalog of plug-and-play parts, which you will be able to purchase painted in the color of your bike, and then install them at home with basic skills. The materials of these accessories are of the highest quality, in regard to the fiber glass the seat parts and fairings are made of, as for the iron of grids and sump guards. To produce these Triumph Thruxton R accessories, Tamarit Motorcycles counts on few partners specialized in each sector, with proven experience in their areas. These parts, with a unique design and exclusive for Modern Classic Triumph bikes, not only have been produced to be a substitute for the original ones, but also to contribute with a polished aesthetic and an increase in the aggressiveness of the bike. Tamarit firmly believes in specialization as the path of excellence in manufacturing exclusive parts. That is why Tamarit only works for a single family of bikes.

Triumph Thruxton 1200 R Parts

Tamarit Motorcycles has a wide range of Triumph Thruxton 1200 R parts, ready to be sent worldwide. They are not only easy to plug (in many cases, it is enough to apply slight pressure over the part, making use of the brackets we include) but the official Triumph color you want for your accessories can be also selected. Some other enhancements are available as well for our clients, who, following the old custom bike builds spirit, will want to break free from certain unnecessary factory elements, as the notorious rear fenders or the bulky original speedometers. These parts are replaced by smaller and low profile gadgets, harmonizing the whole makeover.

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