Tamarit Motorcycles Triumph Scrambler

All our motorcycles works are based on Triumph Modern Classics. This is our transformed custom bikes catalog for clients of different origins.

The Triumph Scrambler motorcycles built by Tamarit Motorcycles are always a guarantee of a perfect mixture between a classic design integrated on a powerful bike at the same time.

The Scrambler style is another popular trend in the transformations of the Triumph Modern Classics of Tamarit Motorcycles. It’s such a delimited style that even the british brand keeps a modern classic model with that same name (meaning : all terrain motorcycle), so we can say that it’s the third of the great Modern Classic families along Bonneville and Thruxton. Their most noticeable feature is the aggresive of their lines, leaving aside the focus for the asphalt of the Thruxtons or the Bonneville versatile essence. The Triumph Scrambler motorcycles are directly designed and prepared for every kind of surface, that ‘s why, as you can see in our Tamarit collection, most of them are equipped with knob offroad tyres or mixed tyres. In Tamarit Motorcycles we think that the best bike to begin an scrambler project is always, a Triumph Scrambler, which would make things pretty easier. Nevertheless, we’re not always lucky enough to have an Scrambler as a donor bike but beautiful scrambler projects have been made based on Bonnevilles such as Pegaso, or the beautiful Santa María. Obviously a Bonneville won’t give you a 100% scrambler looking but thanks to the adaptability of our Plug and Play parts and accessories we can achieve great results whatsoever.

Most iconical features that would also give the Scrambler some identity could be the most noticeable one, the size of the fork, bigger in comparison with the rest of the Neoclassic families. Also it has to be mentioned the wide 22mm handlebar with the switches, and the overall height of the vehicle, higher than a Bonneville or a Thruxton. Other parts that should be also present on a Scrambler project are the big and high front fender and the exhausts installed as close to the seat as possible, which even the deafult models have equipped that way.

Your personal budget:

The bikes above are the many projects that our clients tasked to us. Tamarit Motorcycles usually works based on 3 project models: The first one, the client sends his Triumph to our workshop to be modified as desired. The second, Tamarit buys and modifies the motorcycle under client’s request and desires. And finally, the client purchases an stock motorcycle, a finished project already modified.