Get away to find yourself

If dirt and unpaved roads are your thing, Scrambler motorcycles will meet all your expectations. Escape the city to get lost off-road or enjoy all kinds of landscapes without boundaries.

The perfect style for those looking for a bike with a versatile appearance that adapts to any type of terrain and circumstance. Concept created for the neoclassical mavericks, the only boundaries will be the ones you impose on yourself.

Origin of the Scrambler style

Turn off your logic

At the end of the 60's in England, the Scrambler style was born from the hand of young fans of illegal racing fashionable at the time, the Cafe Racer. We could say that from one style, another was born. During these races they competed to see who was the first to get through the roads to another nearby place and, what in the beginning was done on asphalt, began to move to other dirt roads.

scrambler style

Scrambler style: beginnings

Dirt roads

The desire to win in competition led these young mavericks to devise a way to save time off-road, with the consequent adaptation of their bikes for these new terrains. These off-road shortcuts led to the creation of the Scrambler style.

These modifications have led to the creation of some very characteristic features, with an essence in favor of versatility and speed. The Scrambler motorcycles are suitable for any type of use, both for everyday commuting and to escape from the noise of the city and get into the nature of the cross-country.

Scrambler off-road


Within the Scrambler style we can find two versions, one more leaning towards off-road use and the other in which the classic esthetics prevail. In this first Scrambler version, purely off-road, the riding experience and the adaptation of the bike to off-road terrain away from the urban area is the priority.

A mountain trail? Scrambler motorcycles provide a fun and comfortable ride at any time of the day. A concept for those looking to break the boundaries, without leaving aside the concept of classic rebellion.

scrambler style

Classic Scramblers

Classic rebellion

Within the Scrambler style there is also room for a more classic style in which the esthetics are the most vital. These are Scrambler motorcycles in which chrome and flashy designs stand out, without losing their off-road properties. The perfect choice for those who love the off-road style but are looking for an esthetic bike that draws everyone’s attention and is made for urban use.

scrambler style

Scrambler Features

Your height is not an issue

Among their many qualities, Scrambler motorcycles are chosen by those who need a taller bike due to the rider's height. They are usually equipped with elements that facilitate both city riding and riding on rural environments: mire, dirt, grass, rocks, etc.

Because of the terrain they are designed to ride on, Scrambler motorcycles are usually recognizable by their knobby tyres, wide handlebars, two-seater seats and excellent shock absorbers. They are also characterized by a longer suspension travel than road bikes and by the inclusion of high exhausts, which prevents them from being hit by the imperfections of the terrain.

Scrambler for all terrains

Get lost in the unknown

Mountains, rivers, beaches, asphalt... No matter where you decide to go, Scrambler motorcycles are ready to go with you anywhere. In addition to the features mentioned above, these bikes also incorporate the technology needed to get away on various routes, GPS assistance or riding modes, allowing you to ride safely even on wet terrains.

Scrambler custom

Opt for a Scrambler

When choosing a bike for a Scrambler style conversion, starting with the base of a Scrambler engine will undoubtedly be the best option. As the name suggests, these bikes have already been built specifically for the Scrambler style, and it makes the work process much easier during the conversion.

Despite this, some people decide to build a Scrambler project on a Bonneville engine, which is possible but not ideal. Scrambler engines already come with many of the modifications made as standard, such as high exhausts or longer suspension travel, so it requires far fewer modifications to achieve an optimal result. An iconic benchmark of unlimited options.


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